Diablo® III

Rate the barbarian above you

click on my second barb on my account. not the paragon 100 one.

Your gear is insane! 10/10!
@ Korlic

Your going pretty good for level 72. I wish I had your DPS when I was there. 8/10

One bit of advice try hard as nail over superstition. Good Build

Thank you, i will try hard nails the next time i log in :).


please rate Skins and not me
@Skins 9.5/10 Very nice build. Can up your hp past 60k easily with VIT Inna's and Crafted VIT Shoulders which is even more terrifying.
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not sure what there is to say about you bara, your grar is damn near perfect. other then finding a higher DPS mainhand with similar stats which may be impossible.


For lvl 47 your gear is good.


Very unique and yet powerful build... I gotta say your Skorn is really good but it is a kind of pity without LS!
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@ Guts

10/10 stormshield build

really solid.

not sure how to rate honestly, 8/10 for ww/hota? Idk, but I like it, I havnt tried hota yet in the ww build.
@ UDYE 7/10 but im no expert

nice barb, i'd say replace those srongarms with crafted bracers and maybe try for better shoulders maybe with some AR
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@Mordre 8/10

Nice stats on pretty much everywhere, except for rings. Those need improvements and then you'll be doing even better. Skill set is bit of mainstream, but it's proven efficient.

Guessing you are self found. If that is the case hope you find a skorn sometime soon more dps is needed

5/10 but that is good because you can easily find upgrades
@RDS beautifully perfect barb! 10/10
@loop, very nice barb, but of course gems desperately need improvement

ok, I just got back to my barb this week so have at it :P
nice sword, only found 15 other people wearing it... and 15 more with same sword different gem.


10/10 for gear, 0/10 for originality
^ put another 30k+ elite kills then you can talk smack, 0/10 for trolling

I ain't self-found, I just made a build that differs from the usual builds. I can find upgrades, that's true, but for Mara, SoJ and Skull Grasp it's just pain in the donkey to look for those improvements...
@creazur, u like to put up your profile link here? Currently your profile barb is empty.
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