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Rate the barbarian above you


A shield??!?! I love it. 10/10 for that.

Also, sweet MH. Good sheet DPS. I am curious how fast you can farm with this. ISO a video.
10/10, only thing I would suggest is the same thing I need to work on... Vitality.
I shutter to imagine what kind of score my Barbarian will get, everyone's here is so much better than mine.
@Seph1985 - 6/10. Decent beginner barb.

Rate both barbs please. One is a pure WW dual wield. The other is a HoTA Skorn. Thanks in advance.

1st thing is to get an Ik belt, they're pretty cheap and an easy upgrade. It would give you more all res as well as the 60 from the 2 pc IK bonus and some life steal. From then on I'd get your vit in order. Most important slots are chest, pants, shoulders, belt. If you start out focusing on ehp in those slots, you won't have to worry as much about getting vit on more dps oriented pieces which drives up the price enormously.

Overall, not a bad start. 5/10
@JOEYCRACK 9/10 very nice barb! You really don't have much that you can upgrade. The only suggestions that I would have, is try to craft some shoulders, take a look at mine. Also, with your vit you should maybe try and get some Inna's pants, they will increase your aps, and ms make you more efficient. Other than that, dont really have anything to say.
@inkoosikas 10/10 what a monster, definitely will make yours as future gear guide
@oudokh not sure if I'd be comfortable with that low sustain, but kudos on the echoing fury alternative you have there 7/10
@Wunderkin You're tanking very well.

If you wanna boost your dps get high life steal and switch the gems to rubies :)

@Haunted Your gear is insane.
high dmg and high vit.

Wish I know ho to achieve those numbers.


I think my biggest weakness is vit.
^^ need iAS like nobody's business for WW, look at those rings, man, 6/10
very Nice build and gear..at least to this baby barb..9/10
@SykoAsh, 6.5/10. Upgrade your gems. You can craft better ammys.

need alot more VIT and less AR - drop the pants and get inna w/ vit and craft bracers

also need a better main weapon, too slow

good job 7/10

At 312K dps (with passives), your damage is very good. I consider anything over 300K a very good number.

You have amazing vitality which I supposes offsets your all-resist. I went a different route and went armor/all resist and sacrificed a bit on vitality. I'd be curious to play with you to compare durability.

You're one of the rare shield-users out there so that's interesting to see.

Overall, given people are throwing 8s around, I'd give you an 8.5 to 8.9.

Really, thats a 10 for me.

Sorry, I really can't help you man.

I think you could craft a better VIT shoulders than that vile ward, but I it would make little diference.

Other than that, get trifectas ammy and rings, but again... little diference.


Low resistance and damage.

I think you can try craft a good shoulder with 270+ Str and 140+ Vit, and 50+ AR.

And gloves with 30+ CD, 8+ CC , 150+ Str, and 50+ AR too.

Exchange your gems, bro.
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Low resistance and damage.

I think you can try craft a good shoulder with 270+ Str and 140+ Vit, and 50+ AR.

And gloves with 30+ CD, 8+ CC , 150+ Str, and 50+ AR too.

Exchange your gems, bro.

Very nice barb! 10/10 cause it sure beats mine lol
just wanted to chime in. I'll rate when I get home. At work now and just saw this post during lunch break. Thanks
@MrBklynWarr: 8.5. You've got some nice pieces for sure, but you need to work on crafts for your shoulders, amy, and gloves. The gold radius seems like an odd pick for your IK piece, but w/e.



Very impressive, are you overkill on the ias? no matter though, good build. I keep seeing skorns.. I was told to get away and go dual wield.. makes me want to put the skorn back on and give it a try without SOJ

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