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Rate the barbarian above you

@ Asiamafia very nice looking barb.
I would say about a 9.5/10 as you clearly know what you’re doing with your barb and have top end gear. I just came back to the game and was thinking about switching some stuff around cause most people seem to be going with Brawler over Bloodthirst. How does that work for you btw? I imagine after a certain threshold of damage, if you have a high enough EHP you may only need the 3%, but I know some mobs on MP8-10 have to hurt.

For my Barb, I started another for the extra Paragon so I am missing a lot of Strength, Vitality, so tDPS & EHP. I am also thinking about switching my build up a bit as I just came back to the game and would maybe use some combination of no fury builder w/ a brawler passive.

very good lookin dps and set up on your barb. I wanna use the HoTa like you have instead of OP i just like that crit increase it gives for WW farming but overall im sure HoTa comes in handy when you need some big single target. when im doing MP10 keep runs it would help to have it VS the big bads XD

still trying to find some upgrades i can afford, wanna try out DW so bad.

Did a double take on your life total compared to my own. Been away from the game for months so not sure if we are back to the theory that rolling high survivability is better that just dmging down.

Either way 8/10. Room for improvements.

You have solid damage and mitigation for you gear level, but your low hp will be a major limiting factor when tackling the hardest contents in the game.

I would highly recommend working on getting your hp to at least 50k. Crafted vitality shoulders would be a good and cost efficient way to start. Crafted vitality shoulders can roll up to 300 str/330 vit as opposed to crafted str shoulders that are limited to 330 str/200 vit.

Overall I would give you a rating of 6/10.
@Siptonic I found out that I don't need Bloodthirst , but when I face a "reflect damage Elite" I have to switch to my LS axe, but other than that it's all good in MP10. I look at it this way Brawler = less time to kill mobs = more XP ( which what I'm aiming for atm). So Brawler works good for me.

Your HP looks better than mine and your RA is good as well so try out Bralwer and see how you go. Nice barb btw :)

@DavidESM I know you know that but still want to say it, YOU need to upgrade your GEMS lol. Also HP is low imo. Not sure which MP your doing but crafting will boost you heaps. Best of luck :)
@ Pong, I love the name of your witch doctor.lol Your barb is smartly geared. I like how you got that dps with some cheaper gear. I go the expensive route and have yet to break 250K dps. 8/10 for you cuz your cd
@Kintaro: Get 160 Vit on innas pants and resocket those amethysts to rubies -> profit.
Or do you value that 174 dex on the pants so highly?

09/12/2013 10:21 PMPosted by lizardaq
I go the expensive route and have yet to break 250K dps. 8/10 for you cuz your cd

sry mate, but i think you went the dead end road with low crit. Get the IK helm for 6CC, get CC on your rare ring. Get LS on the belt instead of the passive and switch for Brawler.
Try to make do with a lower BP and get more weapon dmg instead.
Get 12% more movement speed.
This is all assuming you run FoM trashfarm.
@Troglodyte. Sorry, couldn't find your profile! :)

@lizardaq. Nice looking setup. Do you have movement speed capped out? That's important on both single player and optimized group runs. If not, Lacuni's is in your bright future!

I always say.. .max gems for max results. Every bit helps!

8of 10

@Osmodious. There is literally nothing I can say to you. That's the best set up I think I've ever seen. Well done. 10/10

Really good, 9/10. I'd guess gloves, either crafted or IK trifecta are next are your list.

**ignore my spec
I could use some discussion. I'm currently looking for new rings, maybe an IAS Litany in keeping with my 7% reduction on my IK's armor.
5/10 Well superpope, only things I can see right off the bat, Maybe pick up a Unity to replace one of your rare rings, they can beef up your damage pretty well. Also try crafting some razorspikes of strength to replace those strongarms, even with those small changes you might see a major spike in damage output! :D

Edit: Added rating, also maybe try fiddling around with using two one handers rather than skorn? I even though it would be hard to replace that killing power and lifesteal....
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09/14/2013 02:30 PMPosted by Vennicus
Also try crafting some razorspikes of strength to replace those strongarms

Somehow that hadn't even occurred to me lol. I COULD get a ton of DPS from crafting good STR bracers couldn't I?

Gotta get on that and hopefully craft some with a ton of VIT or something.

I'm looking into rings too. Like I said I really want a STR Litany for the purposes of never getting killed :P

As for the Skorn it was given to me by a friend and yeah like you said I can't really replace it with the 15m I have, even though I made a big score today that let me build this set up.
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Someone rate me pls
@Goomba i would just switch to a high DPS skorn with LS, you have great AR but i give ya a 7.5 outta 10 :)
09/14/2013 03:41 PMPosted by Bear
Someone rate me pls

You really wasted a lot of money on that Marquis Amethyst, and its in a Mempho with... what? High STR? Bet you could've gone with a 190 str/70 RA IK's helm for half what that Mempho cost, used that instead of the Mempho for the set bonus and melee reduction, and gone for crafted rare gloves with trifecta, more STR, and maybe RA or VIT.

Very nice Litany. Skorn's good but nothing special. I wouldn't have put a Marquis in it personally.

What's up with Cleave? Why's that there?

8/10 maybe, I'm new at this.

*Edit* Also I see that your belt has a skill you don't use on it. That could be a pretty nice bonus if you got one with similar stats but a skill you feature (like say... cleave if you're married to that one. 14% ain't small)
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@Uncannyone Good solid setup all around 8/10 I'd work on crafting some new bracers/gloves.
@Uber, very nice barb and love the name 9/10.
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