Diablo® III

Game crashes 2-3 times a day [PS3]

Have the old (phat) 160GB PS3. Been experiencing crashes all over the place but only when playing Diablo III, both in offline and in online. As early as getting a multiplayer match sometimes.

I'm also playing GTAV at the moment and in doesn't even crash even at 4-8 hours of continuous playing.
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I played for about 3 - 4 hours yesterday with my friend yesterday. During the game, there were some short pause of about 0.5 sec to 1 sec. The main problem came when we were just about to start ZK's story and the game hanged there while loading. We had to do a forced reset to PS3. Luckily no data was lost
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How do you get through your freezes? I've tried restarting the quest, going back a few quests, going back to act II....nothing. Crash every time I get to Captain Haile after lighting the beacons at the beginning of act III.
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fyi folks with 360 it will slowly get worse an worse. started out just a couple times here an there for me. then a few times a day. then 1-2 an hour. an now I cant even play for ten mins before it freezes and I can no longer kill big d cause it freezes everytime when the loot drops. tried it 15 different times. tried doing without harddrive in. tried getting a new copy of the game. have box in well ventilated area. used a can of air to dust it out really good. tried installing game to hard drive. I have a nice new xbox that should not have any problems. tried to get word from blizzard. and there just trying to blame it on Microsoft. wont even except tickets on the subject. but yet I can go play big team battle on halo 4 for 10hours right after diablo tweeks on me an be just fine. I already bought this game on comp. thought it would be cool on the console. but it sucks. now im out 60 bucks for a game I cant even play. I buy every game blizz comes out with since d1. but if there not gonna own up to there flawed game, and just keep blaming Microsoft and sony. then im done. never been this frustrated about a game in my life. and from a company I love. blizz fix your garbage system and quit pointin fingers....
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I see some people are saying it crashes randomly...for me any area I enter, as soon as the monsters start coming the game freezes and I have to power off the system. If there are no monsters it's fine but as soon as they start coming and attacking me, it locks up.

Literally no game has ever done this to me before. And how strange that it starts doing it now at lvl 51

Allowing the system to check and restore files does no good.
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My issues started in Nightmare (master level) i get to the level 1 in the Cathedral and it fails in that same spot, I did however switch it back to NM (medium) and it acted as if it wanted to work but crashed when it dropped me into the cathedral. I however feel it is having issues loading the difficulty level changes. I had zero issues until I moved on to Nightmare.... anyone else seem to agree? Or is it possible i might have a bad block on my HDD? But I agrue that because I can play all my other games with no issues so I am gonna go with Blizzard needs to take a look at this. >_0
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PS3 120GB Slim Version. Disc Version.

Played on the first day for several hours. Second day, too. Third day and so on. Would say I played since release for min. 2 hours a day. In the weekend 5+ hours. Girlfriend is playing on the console, too. Got different characters.

For quite a few days now we experience random freezes. First they only appeared while playing online (with and without coop), then they also appeared in offline mode. Didn't matter if being in Normal, Nightmare, Hell or Inferno.

Now it happens in every session, sometimes it takes 10 Minutes, sometimes it takes 1 hour to freeze, but it happens sooner or later.
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LOL its not the xbox or ps3 the problem is with the game and the time it saves.
returning the game for a refund, lets see if blizzards warranty works?
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PS3 Slim Version, HDD 320GB, 1.0.2., Disc Version, Single-player

My game freezes most frequently when I try to portal to town (console freeze during loading screen) - on every charakter, different locations, different acts.
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I have a 2 year old PS3 and the digital copy of the game. It pauses the game for a few seconds during every session I play, but it only does it once, maybe twice, during a period of 4-8 hours. Doesn't freeze my console, and I don't lose data. Everything just goes dark and then the game resumes.
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My freeze is happening right after the ballistae quest on a stair case on the bridge. Every time cant get past it. Ps3 ultimate evil edition. Suprised blizzard hasnt done anything by now considering all the complaints on freezing across all platforms.
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