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How do you barbs get so much dps?

Hi guys. I've been getting back in the swing of Diablo 3 (I quit shortly after release and just picked it up a few weeks ago)

I've been working on my monk a lot, but it seems barbs are the way to go for paragon leveling / ring farming / etc..

I've grouped with a few barbs and I'm confused with how they get so much dps, and I lack! I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, either.. So, please bear with me. :)

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MoshVegas-1200/hero/3459288 -- Here is my barb.

I got a skorn because they are pretty cheap and they hit like trucks. I see a few barbs here and there dual wielding.. Is there a major difference or is it more of a preference? I really like the +Crit Damage on the skorn.

I think I am probably lacking in IAS.. Any suggestions for gear, or if my skills are jacked up?

Right now I can do MP6 without much trouble. It does take a little while to kill things, but I never have trouble healing. MP7+ I get nuked on elites. White mobs are not much trouble, though..

I'm not really trying to be the best barb on the planet, but I would like 200k+ DPS.. If anyone out there is willing to throw me some pointers, I would surely appreciated it!

[Edit: My budget is about 1 Billion. Thanks for reminding me that I forgot it ;)]

Thanks for looking, hope to hear from y'all.
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They log out with all buffs active<_<
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Its up to what you can afford
1 lacuniis with cc
2imk irons with cd
3 gradually upgrade everything
hope it helps
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You're most lacking attack speed, as you noted. You have 14% on gear, and even the most skilled 2H barbs need 33%. 42% or 58% are the most common amounts to have. If you could get that, you'd find wotb:thrive on chaos a more practical proposition.

For more damage after that, I'd be looking to stack more cc and cd.

This thread gives some good general advice on barb shopping at different budget levels: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9874267381

And this guy offers individual advice: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9882329009

As for logging out with all buffs active, yes it happens. You can usually tell quickly when someone's done it. But 200k dps is quite achievable without that and without compromising ehp.
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No we don't log out with all our buffs active OP. Decide what build you want to run and they are all good it just depends on your play style. Once3 you've decided what build you want to run than search for gear. The links below will answer all your questions from gear to builds. Good luck and happy hunting.


►General Gear Reference, by Eclipse:
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Do not focus on paper DPS. Focus on getting gear that makes your build work. You're off to a decent start, and you understand correctly that you will need to hit IAS breakpoints. The relevant ones for a non IAS skorn are 1.18 unbuffed/1.43 buffed (18% IAS), 1.29/1.54 (29%), 1.42/1.67 (42%)

You're falling below even the first one by 3%. The best way to reach it is through 2 slots at 9%, but it will improve your experience against elites dramatically if you can fit in the 5 slots needed for 1.67 aps buffed. Whether you can do so or not effectively will depend on your budget, which is what we need to know, not that you want to hit "200k+ DPS" for what little that means.
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Nephalem MoshVegas,

I think this guide should help you.

Your attack speed is painfully low for a Skorn for a WW/RLTW based build to PermaWrath. Don't prioritize or chase paper DPS. Depending on breakpoints and weapon setups along with skill selection, many lower DPS sets outperform others. Also, not all DPS stats are equal (ex. someone with same paper DPS and HUGE strength is not really the same as someone with DPS from Stacked CC/CD).

Occulus Rings are generally pretty bad. You are missing a potential of some combination of 6% CC /9% IAS/ 50% CD/ Average Damage in slot. Good lord that Unity must have cost an arm and leg! IAS Unity Rings are quite expensive last I checked. Even though it isn't a 8%/9 IAS ring, you may be able to fund some regearing with that ring alone. (Of course you can always run with it, too.)

Your Skorn is near the bottom in terms of base damage. If you want to keep using your LS Skorn, you will need likely 42% IAS on gear (5 slots of IAS) to hit 1.67 BP (which is the minimum "comfortable" BP). Really, 1.82 BP is smoother, but it requires a significant amount of IAS that requires you to sacrifice too much at current state.


I would recommend you move your Occulus AR slot to Bracers and your AR slot on Ammy to Boots. Your base damage is low anyways so I would drop the +% from Zunis for either double rolled IK boots or MS ICs. If you go IAS Skorn, Keep IK belt. If you want to stay w/ LS Skorn, I would drop for AR WH which should slot you an IAS slot + 50 CD slot. By moving AR to boots of Ammy, you can go for Substantially more Strength here. 200+ Str and near max CC/ High CD or crafted. Lacuni's should give you another 12% MS/ Slot of IAS/ CC/ AR. You will lose some Strength here but should be able to make it up on Jewelry.

You should be ok dropping War Cry for OP:KS. W/ that extra ring CC slot and correct IAS, you shouldn't have fury gen issues and can drop Animosity for a more beneficial 3rd passive (Brawler - Offensive, Superstition - Defensive).

These are my thoughts.


edit: 12% MS (not 1%)

Also, what all other fellow Nephalem above said. I guess I was late to the punch. lol
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Wow, I was not expecting such detailed and not to mention HELPFUL responses so quickly!

Thanks a ton guys! Like I said I'm still new to all the ins-and-outs to this game.. With a community like this I should have it down pretty fast.

greatly greatly appreciated :D
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09/09/2013 05:47 PMPosted by Cartographer
Good lord that Unity must have cost an arm and leg!

Actually, I found it on the RMAH for $1.25!!

(Yeah.. I use the RMAH from time to time to help with gearing/gold, I dont have much time to farm :P)
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I went back and checked. Seems I know nothing about prices. lol. For some reason I remember these be unfathomably high but I guess that was ages ago.

09/09/2013 05:59 PMPosted by MoshVegas

That's more than the gold equivalent that I have in my Bank currently so it feels like a lot to me :P

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Posted by Cartographer
Good lord that Unity must have cost an arm and leg!

Actually, I found it on the RMAH for $1.25!!

(Yeah.. I use the RMAH from time to time to help with gearing/gold, I dont have much time to farm :P)

That was a good buy, though the 6% ias would have hurt the ring's value. Most people would search for items with 8 or 9%.
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09/09/2013 06:11 PMPosted by gooball
That was a good buy, though the 6% ias would have hurt the ring's value

Yeah.. I was looking for something in a decent price range and useful.. My barb was still decked out with gear I used when the game released (Back when 20k dps was cool)
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Hey guys. Just wanted to post an update to let y'all know your advice helped a ton. I switched the build around based off some of the links y'all posted, and bought some new gear. Only spent +/-300 mill on a few new pieces.. Better gear will come once AH prices go down (picked the best bang vs buck with the items).. Heres an updated link to my Barb.. I'm loving it so far. Doing MP6 still just to get used to the build.. But I havent died once yet, so I think it's almost time to move up. :)


(The new Skorn is because I goofed a little reading one of the threads.. spent 100 mill on one piece and the section of the thread was for Double Strength Skorn.. Figured if I spent that much on one piece I might as well buy a new skorn with it.. Regardless, the boosted DPS and build with rend included makes up for the lost LS)

Again, thanks everyone who responded to my thread.
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Hey man, I checked out your toon. Whatever you're doing, stop right now and read some more before spending more money. You're going down the glass cannon path that will get you nowhere fast - not enough hp & AR. Tons of dps that is going to be useless when you're looking at the res screen.

Until you have a firm grasp on what to buy, I'd just do some crafting. Start with vit shoulders 200 str/200 vit/80 AR and amulet with str/crit/crit dmg or bracers with str/vit/AR/crit. I'll link up what 300m can buy on AH when I get home and if servers are up.
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Hey man, I checked out your toon. Whatever you're doing, stop right now and read some more before spending more money.

Thank you, I would appreciate that! You can send me a PM if you want.
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1. High crit damage
2. High crit chance
3. High attack speed
4. Gems
5. Max out your stat rolls as much as possible

That's the basis of high DPS. But remember - don't neglect your HP/Armor/Resistance in favor of high DPS. You do 0 DPS when you're dead.
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1. Be a Barb
2. Be OP

That is the basis of being stronk.
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