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Gearing monk, thoughts?


I'm fairly new to D3, have been playing on and off for about a year, but just got serious in the past few months. I have really only played the monk, and mainly used Templar and Scoundrel but just recently started using Enchantress. I based my build and my follower's build off of a 100M budget and using a few forums, sites, and tips from others, I put together my current build.

I just want some opinions and thoughts. I'm trying to play through inferno, either solo or in Public Games, and I want to start farming keys as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Take a look at this in regards to gearing..

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No more using bin :P.

No point in having inna's is you aren't using the two set (pretty much necessity). I say ditch the mempo and get a good inna's radiance, and then use the sticky and look at some guides :)

Also your follower is something you really shouldn't care about item wise, just maybe give them a couple of things you found yourself.

Anyway good luck :D
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I feel like you haven't logged out yet or your gear has not been updated to reflect the 100M you spent, or your skills don't reflect the gear you're using...

If everything I see is correct I'll just note:

1. The best time to ask for help with gear is before you spend your money. A lot of people, myself included make "Did I just waste a bunch of cash?" posts, but really if you're unsure ask before you spend.

2. One with Everything is quite possibly the worst passive you could chose with that gear. Pick a different one. Seize the Initiative is a good choice if you want defense.
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Oh, I just was told to get one, for the resistances and such, I'm new to this. I will read the links and sticky's and check it all out. Will post here tomorrow or the day after with updated outlook and questions. Thanks guys!
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you can craft gloves that will help you out big time!!. and you can craft an ammy that will help too i bet without too many crafts.
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Cool, thanks!
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Cool, thanks!
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That reddit guide helps a lot, I still have about 110M I will see what I can do and farm and such.
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