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Looking for help with gear/ways to inc dps

Hi all.

im a newish barb and im looking for ways to increase my damage. I know the way to do this is through better gear but I only have about under 5 mil gold. when I first hit 60 I spent about 3 mil to get what I currently have.

Im also looking to see what would be most efficient place to try to farm up my paragon level. Im only at 12 right now and I know Im not going to get good legendary drops ore even rares for that matter since my MF/GF is so low. Currently on act 1 I am pretty efficient on MP3 and I can handle MP4. I tired MP5 and that was a no go. MP4 is slow giong though. When grinding XP do I want to just get as many kills as quickly as possible and not worry about elites too much? Any help would be great, thank you.
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post a link to your char.

Almost always comes down to CC,CD,AS
critical chance, crit dmg, attk speed.
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Note: My femBarb is just an alt, so take my advice with a grain of salt, in no way am I an expert. If someone else contradicts anything I say, listen to them, not me ;)

That said! I'll get you started off, and hopefully not too ineptly. That kit doesn't look too bad for 3m, btw. =)

Your amulet is a high priority for replacement, and make CritC a priority on it, you need those crit events to help keep your fury up.

I always like, with any fresh 60 character, to snag a cheapish Litany + Wailing Host set for their first rings, just to get a bit of CritC out of the way until they can get better. Litany's AR always comes in handy for a fresh 60, though later it's good to cram damage stats onto rings instead (though my Atalanta isn't quite there yet, still using a Litany).

If you were to get some CritC on your 2nd ring, you could replace your IK helm with a cheap Mempo, which is great for survivability and not terrible for damage, either. Load up your pants with survivability stats rather than damage, as well, until you're geared enough and have the gold to go for more damage-oriented pants.

Your hp is a little low, and you appear to have 2.8% Lifesteal. You're probably already aware that you'll want more than that at some point. If you're having problems staying alive, it might be a good idea to use Bloodthirst over Brawler until you can afford a Lifesteal weapon. Brawler really is a blast, though.

Raging Koala's sticky at the top of the forum is absolutely amazing. So many great guides there, as well as important things like IAS breakpoints for various attacks.
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Add me, I can hook you up with some gear
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I added you, just saw this now.
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