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Arcane raining meteor build.

Ok, I've been theory crafting and play testing with my Wizard, and I like the combo of Arcane torrent and meteor star pact which has been working for myself rather well in game both solo and multi player.
So here I am posting up about it for other players to check out as well as inviting you to comment and make suggestions to help improve the build!

This is the actual skills I'm mainly using. If there is other skills showing on the profile it's due to play testing.


Direct link to wizard.


General game play.

Generally I start by casting diamond skin/slow time then channel AT at approaching critters. When they enter the slow time bubble, they are affected by AT's disruption (15% damage) and time warp (20% damage) which is when I drop the meteors on them.

Meteors for mobs, AT for single targets. With two items c/w APoC, I can run AT constantly on a single target.

The rest of the skills are basically support. Illusionist/teleport safe passage is basically if I decide to teleport into a group of monsters. I can usually get Time bubble/diamond skin off immediately after then hopefully survive long enough for the meteors to start hitting and returning life via life leeches.
Other wise normally I let the monsters come to me thru the time warp/AT channeling as normal.

I find that I can do without Storm crow with this build. If I went to a different rune with meteor then I'd need the extra APoC from storm crow.

Four part tal's set helps with the AP regeneration and EHP as tal's mask has a lot more EHP than storm crow. Tal's amulet provides another 6% arcane damage. Tal's orb with APoC and meteor reduction is very useful so if I have those three tal's items, might as well chuck in the armor as well.

Solo I use the Templar follower. Yes his damage is lousy but you give him a shield and a few vitality items and he makes a great target for meteors/AT when he get's surrounded.

So, feel free to comment!
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Not sure if this is efficient because both spells have delays from when you click the button, to when it does damage.

But I'm sure it's a blast to play :> I love both the spells.

PS, I think meteor needs a buff. It's way too weak for the cost and delayed action impact.
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love the idea and its' a pretty cool skill set to run - it looks like it has a pretty long spin up time sort of but thats not too bad i guess.

I would just say apoc is low - 20-30 would be totally ballin and you could drop astral presence for something like temporal flux maybe or glass cannon if you can get your mit to Melkor level lol.

Another option is to run prism maybe that 7ap reduction will free up that passive slot? i dunno, but i like prism in hefty spender builds.

nice wiz ;)
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APoC is low technically for a raining meteor build but keep in mind I have two sources of cost reduction on the skull grasp & Tal's source. Star Pact costs 35ap - 9ap = 26ap.

Star pact has a decent sized hit area so if i'm hitting 10 or so targets, the AP orb refills completely so I can "go nuts" spamming meteors with no "dry casts" which looks & sound awsome! :-)
As the number of targets reduce, down to 1-2, then you can have AP problems but then I just swap to AT. 16 AP can pretty much sustain itself on one target and even slowly refill the AP.

I have tried the build with a storm crow or using Prism for the 7ap reduction which I didn't need with star pact, probably because of the two sources of reduction. If I swapped star pact for another meteor rune costing 50ap, I'd need storm crow for more APoC.

Temporal flux isn't too useful. The effect seems to stack with time warp in that the monsters seem to be slowed even more, but 60% is enough to make easy targeting with the meteors. I played a D2/LoD meteorber so I guess I'm used to timing meteor!
But if I swap to frost nova, temporal flux isn't really relevant as I found out last night while playing.

Efficiency? No, not as good as a freezing cm build. I usually solo/multi play this character on MP5-6. Simply changing time warp for frost nova I can easily spam the freeze and play MP8 in the typical roll of freezing the packs.
That build is more efficient, but as most wizard players know, it's hard on your fingers/keyboard or you use a macro.
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So it's not a bad idea pairing Disruption with Star Pact, as the two spells function pretty similarly. For 1s of casting at your attack speed, you get 570% weapon damage with Disruption and 627% weapon damage with Star Pact (assuming enemies are in your DoT for 3s). And you should be getting about 1.2 procs per second with Disruption, and 0.83 procs per second with Star Pact.

BUT... it does beg the question in my mind why you're pairing the two at all! I'd figure you're best rationale would be the greater AOE. But that's about it, since you could get more DPS overall with say Sparkflint or Explosive Blast in place of Meteor. I'd be almost inclined to see you try Molten Impact or Meteor Shower, and then just continue relying on Disruption for when you can't channel Impact or Shower. The extra arcane damage boost from Disruption still won't make Star Pact as competitive as other Meteor runes. You're basically buffing Star Pact to about ~300% weapon damage (considering just the initial impact), which is pretty competitive, but that falls short of what you could get with say Molten Impact (390% weapon damage).
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