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My barb's gear: what's next

I jusst recently came back to game, can do MP5, things to note are that i want to be whirlwind and everyone tells me i should build toward using a 2hander but if there's a way to stick with dual wield i'd prefer that for looks. I don't know what kind of upgrades i should do, dont want to up my damage if it causes me to die a lot.
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WARNING: My opinion only, other people may disagree.

You're gear is going to need quite the overhaul. A few things to note:
1) You'll need to switch from Life On Hit to Life Steal. LOH stops becoming viable in higher MPs. Once your DPS starts moving up, LS becomes a much better source.
2) You need the right stats in the right slots. Jewelry needs to stack DPS and not EHP. You're relying on your rings and amulet for a bunch of AR and Life. You need to get this elsewhere and stack CC/CD/IAS/Str/Avg Dmg in these slots.
3) Weapons: Get your Str on other gear; Str on weapons is a nice bonus, but not a main source. You're getting 487 Str from your weapons, which is nearly 1/4 of your total Str. You can get this Str on gear while you focus on better Avg Dmg from your weapons.

My gear recommendations:
Shoulders - Good for now, you'll replace these with crafted shoulders once the rest of your gear is taken care of.
Helm - You have a massive weakness to Fire with your helm. I'd switch to an IK helm with either Vit or AR as the random roll for more EHP. Stay away from a Mempo unless you can afford a Crit one. We need to build up your CC%.
Amulet - Craft a Str amulet. Look for CC/CD/IAS/Avg Dmg. Any EHP stats (Vit, life%, AR) are just bonus stats here and not the main focus.
Chest - You have a very poorly rolled IK chest. Look for a better one with at least 150 Str and 200 Vit. A little more armor wouldn't hurt, either.
Gloves - Fine for now, you'll be crafting new ones later.
Belt - This should be your first upgrade. Get an IK belt with 3% Life Steal. You may lose a bit of Str and Vit, but the LS is a must and you'll gain a bit of AR plus some more Fury.
Bracer - Fine for now, although the 4.5% CC is kinda hurting. You should be able to find 6% CC rare bracers for cheap; most people go with Lacunis or crafted, so nice rares don't cost too much. You might fine a really nice deal for a 6% CC rare bracer.
Rings - You need to stack CC/IAS/CD/Avg Dmg/Str here, in that order. You need enough CC% to keep your damage going.
Pants - I like BTs for the EHP, and it's good that you got AR on them, but too bad the other roll was Dex. I'd stick with these for now. The +life and LOH is nice.
Boots - IK boots are good; you should be able to find some with an extra Str and/or Vit roll instead of Int for fairly cheap.
Weapons - The go-to offhand for spinning barbs is an Echoing Fury. Make sure you get one with decent +APS, low Fear, and an OS. Str, LS, and CD rolls add quite a bit to the cost. For mainhand you'll want either an Axe or Mace to get the +10% CC from the Weapon Master passive. Must have an OS. LS and Str are bonuses.

Passive Skills:
Swap Superstition and Tough as Nails out for Weapons Master and Bloodthirst (unless your weapons give you enough LS - if that's the case, go with Brawler).
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thanks for advice but i wasnt aware you could craft amulets?
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