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Barbarian forum giveaway discussion

Morpheus was gracious enough to give Team Barb the sum of 2b as a concession prize for his last contest.

We've had a bundle of giveaways in the recent past. Most have been pretty successful, but there's always been the issue of making them useful and end up in a good home.

This time, I'm planning on handling things a little bit differently beyond a basic raffle. Drawing inspiration from how the Monk forum is distributing their prize, this is what I'm thinking.

Component 1

There will be four sets each costing a sum of 200M to be given away. I haven't yet decided how the winners will be determined, but it likely won't be random. These sets should upgrade the recipient, but not dramatically. i.e. the prospective winner should be sitting around 120k DPS (to throw out a number) and get upgraded to 150-160k. This will be for the sake of instilling a sense of progression, not just taking someone from zero to hero overnight, and also picking winners who won't just let the gear rot.

And speaking of gear rotting, this time around, there will be a stipulation for the winners to donate their current gearset to a deserving newcomer. Therefore, we will ultimately have eight sets being given away.

Component 2

The remaining 1.2b will be used for a different purpose; to make single-piece upgrades. The targeted winners for this component will be experienced and dedicated players saving up for that one piece that they really need to get them going, whether its a double crit LS mace, high-EHP witching hour, trifecta ammy, cold SoJ, or what have you. Price range per piece will likely be 150-400M, each winner will receive one piece. Naturally the winner of this portion is not going to be a newcomer. Upgrades come hard for all of us, whether it's a beginner who just dinged 60 and entered inferno, or Morpheus himself seeking out that perfect piece to upgrade his damage output without disrupting the perfect balance he has established. This portion is meant to reward the dedicated player.

This thread's purpose is discussion only. No asking to be considered for gear here.
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I like the idea..great way to go about it and ensure the giveaways actually mean something.
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i like the idea of spreading the love, not just to those who really need it but to those who could use a lil boost
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Great idea Silverfire +1

Just a suggestion to component 1 though
For the 4 200 mil set give away; how will you build the sets?
I thought it'll be cool if you can build 1 of each type:
Dual wield
2 hander
What do you think? I know most would prefer just building dual wield or 2 handers though = /

As for the component 2
Can you add the trickledown effect?
If a barb win an upgrade from this then their old piece can be pass onto the next barb and so on?
So instead of just 1 person benefiting it’ll be at least 2-3 from the same one giveaway
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About the type of sets, I don't think I'll be going about it that way. I'm actually thinking of picking the winners first and building the sets second. Probably something like having the contenders explain where they are and where they want to go in concrete terms. Then, once the winners are picked, build sets that fit what they're looking for. This is to ensure that it helps them meet their goals and that they will keep the gear and not just sell it off for something else. I don't want to end up giving an s&b enthusiast a skorn set and then have them end up selling the weapon.

Trickle down is something to consider. Maybe 2 levels of it. The winners of the of the winners sets, though, might frankly not have much gear worth donating.
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I agree that it would be nice to have a set of each, but with all due respect to the Throw barbs out there, i dont think a throw set would be sought after as much as the other three.
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I want a throw barb set.
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09/06/2013 11:52 AMPosted by tomcruise
I want a throw barb set.

Of course you do.
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+1 great idea!
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ohh I like that idea =) pick a winner first then build around their build/skill
the trickel down effect is more for single higher end items

was just "throwing" ideas out =)
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+ 1 for trickle down for the item replacement.

Sounds like it could do the most good for the most people.
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i'll drop a -5 hota so you don't have to spend your beeeeeez
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i've been waiting for this kind of giveaway
i've been looking for upgrade for awhile now
and still i'm stuck on my current gears.

i'm okay to give away my current set too
if i can get some upgrades :)

so silverfire. add me on your deserving list... please :)
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I need 8 more STR can I get some marquise gems for my pantaloons?
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Very cool idea. I also like the idea of different styles of sets. I think it would give the opportunity for the community to see how gearing is done over a broad range of sets. Obviosly this may depend on the winners preference.

you could also get people who are considered very knowledgeable to help build the sets, so you don't feel to overwhelemd building 4 individual sets.

These are possibilities.

Also, how I'm thinking of deciding the winner is having the applicants explain what their goals are with their character and how the prize packages can help them achieve them.

i.e. "I want my character to be able to farm MP10 VoTA" wouldn't be a good answer. What might be a good answer is, "I need a trifecta amulet so that I can move ias off my rare ring and replace it with a crit damage unity to maximize my damage against elites"

For the complete set portion, it'll likely be something similar, except a list of weaknesses with your current gearset.

09/06/2013 09:07 PMPosted by HighLife
I need 8 more STR can I get some marquise gems for my pantaloons?

So, if you're able to convince me that the pimp marquise gems will help you reach some greater goal, you might have a chance.
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I want moar DPS can I has its?

Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
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Death didn't like the idea of having the recipients of the beginner sets having to give away their old gear, with the reasoning that a) it likely won't contain good gear and b) they would be able to use whatever gold they could make from selling their old gear to progress.

Which makes sense to me. I think. Might just have the individual piece recipients donate their old upgraded piece.
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Can I has a Skorn? ty
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How do we participate this event and what requirement must we fulfill?
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