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HC Rend Barb - Gear Upgrade Suggestion Req

Hey, all. I recently leveled up my Barb and have put on some pretty sweet (to me) items on him. I haven't beaten Inferno on this one yet but I'm sure it will come quickly.

I can farm MP4 in Act 1 pretty well right now, as long as I keep rend up nothing drops me below half life but I want to make some improvements. If anyone could take a quick look at my gear and make some suggestions I'd be quite appreciative.

I would like to have somewhere closer to 70k-80k HP (10k-20k more than right now) without losing dps if possible. I know that more dps would make rend even better but I'd rather focus on survivability as the MP4 monsters are dieing well enough as is without more DPS. I have 140K dps buffed (no counting frenzy attack speed bonus or +frenzy damage from my belt) and over 300K with Zerker on.

What do you guys think? I'd like to be able to farm MP5 or MP6 to get some keys. My goal is a Hellfire Ring for my Crusader.
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If you want to get more HP, the first place I would look is your pants. Try and get a pair of rare pants with Strength, Vitality, All Resistance, and possibly some sockets. You'll probably miss the movespeed from your Innas, but you don't need movespeed to farm keys or fight Ubers.

Getting more defensive stats on your pants will allow you to drop your Stormshield and use a Skorn. This will dramatically boost the damage of your Rends. I'm a HotA Barb myself, but I do play with several pure Rend Barbs, and they all use Skorns.

You could also try crafting some Vitality amulets. Look for big crit chance and crit damage. Your current amulet is decent, but the attack speed doesn't help with the damage of your Rends.

Hope this helps!
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