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Any suggestions ?

I’m kind of stuck on what I need to upgrade, I've been trying to compare to other builds and now not sure what else to do. I’m thinking of getting either different boots or bracers since i have 3 slots now with 12% movement speed but not really sure which one to drop. If you have any input let me know. I've got about 100m to spend on the upgrades needed.

Thanks !
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1. IK Belt with Vit
2. Str on your gloves
3. CC on your left ring (or cold dmg SoJ)
4. CD Unity
5. CC/CD on your ammy instead of ias/cd
6. Craft Vit shoudlers
7. CC on Lacunis
8. Rare Pants with AR vit and str
9. New EF with .24/5 aps, str, and low fear MH
10. Cd, os , str, ls OH
11. Higher vit IK chest

Idk man... your whole barb basically needs changing except boots and mempo. Take a look at the sticky at the top. I also suggest you change your build, but some people like being different.
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Nephalem ReLentless,

Fellow Nephalem xxxkan has provided a nice template for you to follow. You really need a total reagear. Much of your gear is wack. Furthermore, I have no idea what build you are running so syncing your gear to your build is difficult.

Take a look through the stickies plox.

(I'm going to take a random stab that you are going for DW Standard WW)

Bash - Instigation
Battle Cry - ItF
WW - Hurricane
Sprint - RLTW
Wrath - ToC

Is the set I would recommend for starters. If you are undergeared, War Cry - Impunity for OP-KS.

At your gear level, there is NO WAY you are remotely close to WH, Inna, Lacuni - Trinity. Those pieces require at least a certain amount of AR which is out of budget range.

Get your base stats on gear straight before continuously upgrading your gems. Upgrading gems is extremely expensive for marginal gains when that gold is better spent on stats on gear.

Once you understand how your gear works,
Check through this guide which is a good shopping list for budget.

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