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Help with what to improve on my build?

Hey all... so I just returned to the game after over a year absent since people had told me that Blizz fixed a lot of what was broken, and I've been having a lot of fun playing again!

Trouble is, the game seems to have changed a lot since the 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 days that I remember, and I don't have a good idea what I should try to improve on my build. For reference, I'm handling MP 2/3 pretty easily right now with ~100k DPS buffed.

Any improvements (primarily to the gear, though I'm open to build suggestions too) you would suggest that don't cost hundreds of millions of gold?


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Nice hardcore build. Some suggestions for softcore...

1. Dump the vit gems out of your chest and stick rubies in there.
2. Craft vit shoulders.
3. Craft str bracers.

Once you've acquired decent shoulders and bracers, let everyone take a look and give suggestions again.
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Thanks! I'll see about that as soon as I get off work in a bit :)

Any thoughts on what to do about the shield? I kinda feel like my shield is junk (due to the low block %), but I don't know what I should be looking to replace it with. Is the vitality hit I'll take by getting a ~27-30% block Stormshield worth it?
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OK got the rubies and found some better shoulders for just a couple million gold... not sure what to do about the bracers, though... everything that looks much better in terms of damage output than what I have now also looks like it will cost 100M+ gold, which I don't have and probably wouldn't spend on one item even if I did.

Also switched my defensive passive from nerves of steel to tough as nails since my vitality has dropped a lot as I've updated my gear (when I stopped playing a year ago I was at about 1700-1800 on both Str & Vit)
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If you really want to give a thumping, I'd suggest reading up on the HOTA build...massive damage that can easily permawrath....many SnB barbs use it with great success. Your defense is really off the hook---and that gives you lots of room to upgrade pieces for more damage. Check the sticky at the top of the forum (Raging Koala is the author)...it has links to different builds.
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Your defense is really off the hook...

Haha that's half my problem... All my work on planning a build was done last summer when I was working on clearing Act 3 inferno before patch 1.0.3 dropped, so all my initial work on this build and gear was to get as much survivability as possible.

It's been weird trying to adapt my build and gear to this more DPS friendly game... when I first cleared inferno, I believe I had (after buffs) something like 12k armor, 1200 all resist, and 80k HP, but I only had about 12k DPS... so I feel like I really don't know what I'm doing now that the game has changed from maximizing EHP to DPS.

I'll look into the HOTA guides... on my current gear it looks like MP 5 or 6 is about the upper limit of what is pleasant to play... MP 6 felt pretty slow and I died a couple times to annoying mobs.
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