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Gear recommendations to increase my DPS4 1.5b

So I am a complete noob! I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks now and would really like to increase my total DPS right now it sitting at about 185k and I know I can do better I am just lost :( .

Basically All I enjoy in a game and the reason I play is to

1. be OP :D
2. farm :D

I work a stressful job and farming helps me unwind. Any gear suggestions or ideas you might have would greatly be appreciated! I am a noob and take all advice :)

P.S. pretty sure you can view my profile but if you need any additional information please just let me know.
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you can buy my barb. 2.68m tdps to elites when switch to a cold soj.

easymode for mp10
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you can buy my barb. 2.68m tdps to elites when switch to a cold soj.

easymode for mp10

Thank you for staying on topic! and soj? I am a noob, don't even know what that is. As for your account? I am asking advice about mine.... Thank you again for the great response.
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I will attempt to stay on topic here. I do the same thing you do, I come home to farm and to let off some tension from work.
Now for your gear,

1. Amulet, you could create your own by saving up Demonic Essences. Would have to purchase or find the Strength amulet plan.
2. For IK, generally speaking you only want two for the set bonus of 60 to rez. The complete set is nice to have though in the end its only two items that are even needed.
3. I am not a fan of Blackthorne, I think you can get a cheap set of innas.... Really you need to up movement speed as it also plays into attack speed at least I think so.

For gear you can always look to others to see what direction they are going. Me I sacrifice some DPS for Resistance.

As far as spells go drop what you have and try mine. You can substitute the overpower for say better Resistance or life leach. In general my build gives me max dps with Hammer and Bash with Punish give me more dps to all my other skills. So its like hit with bash a couple of times the use hammer until fury is down. Then start over with bash then... I am sure you get my point.

Anyway good start with weapons and the white damage they have. Sorry I am not in depth about everything. Though allot of people have written threads about how to build a barb. And allot of people have asked how to get more dps. Some dps you see on barbs is also attributed to the Paragon level, I am at 91 and with 91 * 3 (Strength) that give me = 273.

I say work on your Paragon and everything else will fall into place.
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Off topic it may seem but this is related to "2.farm", if I may add the "efficiency".

- lifesteal atleast 5.6, [I say go with Ik chest and belt, drop other IK set, also change your passive skill to Bloodthirst.]

- 24 MS, go with Innas pants for 12 more MS. [innas pants = dps]

- ice climber for dps and hp

- you're better with a rare offhand. lifesteal or DPS.

- craft shoulders & ammy.
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Just want to say Thank you to the last two posters! Really good information. Already made the change with life steal and what a difference! can farm mp7 now with no risk of falling on my !@#! the other suggestions are a work in progress and I really appreciate the information!

Thank you!
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