Diablo® III

What now?

Now that we all know the loot patch is not going to come for a very long time yet, what do you all do to busy yourselves in-game? Do you still have goals you want to achieve? Or have you packed it in for the time being?

For me I play infrequently now but when I do I almost always only PvP. I'm trying to improve there just to pass time. Plus its like a 10/5 min affair where I can step away easily when Im done. The sad thing is, I play the same players day in day out. If PvP were an indication of the state of the game at the moment Id say its pretty dead but I know that its only because there arent many PvPers and its a pretty crappy implementation so not many play.
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After Paragon 100 and I get my WD up to the mitigation minimums, I was considering leveling a wizard, but I"ll take it slow.
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my goal is to get all 5 toons up to 100.

3 achieved, 2 more on the run.

After that? idk, lol
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Trying to get my WD to para100, but its getting really tedious. Getting a lot of kicks from giving away legendaries that I don't need to new players though.

Last time I tried PVP I ran into some chars that were ridiculously geared. I remember another WD letting me channel PB on him full-blast. His life was going down at a small crawl even at max stacks.

Another time I ran into a DH that just one-shotted everything with impale, it was crazy.
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Since I recently hit P100, I toyed with the idea of leveling up my Barb, but then decided to level up a second WD.

It's pretty funny racing through the game at MP10 with a ton of +exp/+exp% gear. I expect to hit 60 before I finish Nightmare at this pace. I'm curious to see how many paragon levels I can rack up before getting to Inferno. I'm going to try to hold on to gear that maxes exp and MF for as long as possible before switching over my gear from my p100 WD.
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I am also paragoning toons, so I can put all the paragons to my main toon

and WIN!

LOLs :-)
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it's not popular now. I only see ppl do leveling....
If they try to bring up the pvp again in xpac, it will be a different game with totally new gear set from the xpac. So...

What now?
you only have 2 plevel 100 toons out of the five. You can level up the other three.

or try hardcore...feel what a real game should be like.
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