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Next upgrade?

Keeping in mind that I play a strange disentigrate build that doesn't really want a lot of attack speed. I also don't have a ton of gold to spend. What's my lowest common denominator?

I've crafted 90 bracers and am wearing the best so far. Keep going?
I've crafted ~ 30 shoulders and am wearing the best so far. Keep going?
My gloves are not crafted, but should I craft some? I've only crafted 10 so far and got lucky with a trifecta glove that added 5k dps but at a 0.6 protection loss so I'm not wearing them.
Is it time to finally buy better gems? or are there other less expensive/more beneficial places to upgrade?

I'd kill to have more resources and gearing options to explore with my build as I'd love to expirament with a 1h/source and my skills(source would need apoc), but I just can't afford spending on expiraments but I'd love to hit 200k dps without sacrificing mitigation.
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I think I would keep rolling bracers. Even if you rolled something with only 50AR, it'll beat out the mitigation from the armor+STR you currently have. I'd keep going until I got something like 5+CC, 60AR, and a double INT roll. VIT would be a bonus as would armor or STR.
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You could probably do better arcane power-wise with a slow-1hander and a source that has 10CC and another 10 APOC.

With more APOC it means that you can probably get by with more attack speed too, since more attacks also means more crits.
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That's exactly what I want to expirament with BDF. I think arcane power wouldn't be an issue but I worry about going from 6 LS down to 3 or less. I was thinking a nice black LS sword with an apoc tri would be fun to expirament with. If the decrease in LS isn't too much, the extra dps and CC would be fun, along with faster animations. I just can't afford to blow gold I don't have, especially if the expirament fails.
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You could always find a nice rare ring, and just swap to the SOJ for elites I guess. Its kind of a pain in the !@# to do, but I have heard of people doing it. I have seen some really nice bifecta rings for pretty cheap over the last few weeks so you could check into that.

You can always roll some crafts when you have the extra gold and mats. It sucks your bracers didn't roll some AR with that 6CC roll, but that's how it goes.

Is there a reason you run Wave of Force other than an "oh $%^-" button?

If you haven't been to it, go to D3up.com and start a profile. It is a really awesome site, and you can test everything you want to buy before you buy it. Don't be worried about going to 3% LS, especially if you get to 200k dps. You can always put Magic Weapon/Blood magic in your toolbar for a nice 10% dps boost and an extra 1.5% LS. I just noticed you already have Magic Weapon, so go with Blood Magic if you go the 1 hander/off hand route and you will be fine.
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I've tried other Oh S$#! Buttons but I really like WoF. It's not the group friendliest and I don't pop it much in groups and sometimes swap it for FN. I really like it solo because, with LS, it's an inta full heal, it gives me space to navigate molten, waller, frozen affixes when getting swarmed, and the extra stun comes in very handy. Even in a spot where I notice I will get frozen, if I pop it, everything around me is stunned and doesn't kill me when I'm frozen. Vortex is my real nemesis, but if i pop wof when getting vortexed, I usually make it. I could try teleport calamity more but I got used to WoF and have had a hard time making anything else work as well for me.

My build is certainly not the most efficient but it works for me and has been a blast to play. It's been a work in progress since D3 day 1. With my current build, even when I swap for exp gain helm and ring, I solo MP10 act 1 and switch to MP8 for act 2 and 3 key runs.
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WoF on left click, disintegrate on right, you're just an archon wizard waiting to come out of the closet. You know you want to.
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Haha. The problem is, with what I read about Archon and my gear, I couldn't play at higher MPs. With my current build and play style, I can.
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