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can't decide.. MP8+ cookie cutter vs MP1 TR

hi fellow monks, i always read the forum but this is probably my second time posting.

i recently came back to diablo after stopping for 8 months or so. i was 148k dps 38k hp and 670 resist w/ OWE. but now i came back for about a week, i flipped a few items and sold some old stuff, so i switched out most of my items because i wanted to drop OWE really bad. it was a goal i set when i came back and i just accomplished it. DW 190k dps, 40.5k hp, 654AR. i could pretty much solo in MP10 but it takes a long time, so i farm mp8-9.

i've always used the cookie cutter build and i like how it attacks. i know TR existed before i stopped. i tried it before and it seemed fun. cookie cutter has been a bit repetitive so i switched to TR again but it just doesn't feel as fast on leveling as playing MP8+ since you get higher experience % at higher MPs. i know that TR was the best build for fast power leveling but i don't know if it is still the case since it's been a few patches since i stopped. wouldn't it be better to just play MP8+ with higher %. i'm really confused at this point. can someone enlighten me on which one would be the better one for power leveling, thanks.
i'm pretty much at the point where i can tank MP10 diablo, so i'm looking for ways to level faster and make the game more enjoyable since 99% of the drops are junk.
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well i think whatever kills mobs and elites the fastest is what you're looking for then.... and if thats so then you'll need to watch druin's EP/Bell/TR video on you tube. its the fastest mobs per hour build in the game. but TR needs lower Attack speed and i think its typically accompanied by a 2H weapon.
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Pure TR just doesn't cut it any more for xp/loot farming. You got the right idea by trying to farm higher MPs. TR is still a great mobility skill though and as a key part of high MP builds.

Try this "cookie" variation...


and this TR style build...

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Daliwoo is right that perma TR is pretty much 2H only, but you can easily use TR in bursts big enough to round up bad guys even while DW.
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I know. I have a skorn, soj and 4 innas to run infinite TR. just wondering which is better since I can do higher MP. MP8 is ez. I guess TR would be for people who can't do high MPs yet. Thanks for the help
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Actually both the builds I posted are "MP10" builds :)

Try them out at your comfortable MP.
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Try not to do infinite TR in low mp. It's boring.

It's much better to play in higher mp where you are comfy with the proper fun builds.

Good luck.
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I only just "restarted" diablo 2 weeks ago, after about 10 months out, and I was in the complete same position as you - fast low mp runs or longer high mp ones.

Since you are looking to level quickly, my 2 cents is that you do parties for quick levelling. Public games, if you don't have anyone on your list to play with. It's pretty efficient for those of us who don't have elite gear to max our xp/hour solo running, plus it's a little more interesting. Having said that, I also do quick low mp runs, but those are mostly in VotA for essences / if I know I'll only be at the computer for 15 mins or so. Mix it up, so it doesn;t get boring.
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