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[Guide] Pining for 200k dps and 500k ehp

Thanks a mil for the quick tips Amiar~ Appreciate the advice! Thumbs up for being so helpful!
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Weapon1: Rare sword/axe (OPTION 2) ~100m+
• 1060+ base damage
• 100+ dex
• 50%+ CD
• 2.3+ LS

Oh I also wanted to ask... Is it really possible for the dex to be better than a socket? Or was this a typo?

That was a typo! I fixed it. Basically you can trade off ~100-150 dex for ~100 weapon damage, just depends on the prices and your current setup. I like having my MH have no dex so it can be higher weapon damage for things like bells.

Also, it seems like you're going in the right direction, Peldin! You know where you wanna go, which is more than most monks can say.


The reason I didn't choose Mempo in this slot is because the combines stats of a 6cc innas and Tal Rasha's chest can only really be beat out by a 5 or 6cc Mempo, which costs 600m+ gold. Why spend all that on one item when you can get comparable stats for way cheaper?!

And also this about Andariel's visage, which I never suggest using.

Andy's probably gives me like 9k dps over my innas, but I'm not about to drop 180 vit and 50 resists and a socket for that dps, not to mention using either my belt or chest slot for an innas piece to get the set bonus (And if I did I'd lose the IAS on my chest, making the IAS gain on the helm irrelevant. Now I have a helm/chest combo that is WORSE than my previous. GG man, GG. Don't step in the fire.

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You can write a guide book!

I've already written 2 novels :)
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Amiar, this is a great guide. With you help on my pants and chest, I was able to use my limited fund to buy other gears that help me greatly improve DPS and EHP. Thanks.

P.S. The Inna's Radiance that I beat the other bidder at last second for 30M fits right in your guide description. I guess he/she also read your guide too. Cheers.
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Amiar, this is a great guide. With you help on my pants and chest, I was able to use my limited fund to buy other gears that help me greatly improve DPS and EHP. Thanks.

P.S. The Inna's Radiance that I beat the other bidder at last second for 30M fits right in your guide description. I guess he/she also read your guide too. Cheers.

Hehe, nice grab! That's a nice helm. Glad I could help. I found out a while back, when I finished winning a bid on my current belt that the other person I was bidding against was none other than our own Relentless. Oops!
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Thanks for this guide, man. I was stuck in a low EHP rut and confined to 4-piece Inna's and couldn't figure out how to change things up. This thread inspired me to man up and go to 2-piece Inna's. Picked up a pretty good EHP Witching Hour and an insanely high EHP Blackthorne's chest for really cheap (because the high VIT Wiz chests were several times more pricey). Net result: +12K hp, +5.5k DPS, +125 AR.
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I just have to say, I can't find any of the items on the 'poor' list, with those stats, for under 10,000,000 each. How did the value jump up 10x?
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Wow awesome. Exactly what I was looking for
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Thanks for this great guide. I'm kind of new to d3up, is the inherited 30% reduction calculated into the damage reduction on d3up? Thanks.
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Nice guide Amiar. =)
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Hi Amiar: Your guide is awesome; however, I wish I would have been privy to it long ago. I really need help with resists/armor. My resists stagger between 418-370 depending on which ring I use. But then I suffer losing dps. Getting a bit frustrated. I've reconfigured my monk so many times. Before I try to reconfigure my monk's gear, would you be so kind as to browse over it with your suggestions - that way an eternity will not have gone by before I know exactly what needs to be changed. Thank you for your help.
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Hey Amiar! I'm kind of new to the Monk and need some help with build/gearing. I spent a few hours and a few hundred million putting my Monk together last night and the result was 43.9k hp, 5028 armor, 774 ar, 2.03/2.31 aps, 49.5% cc, 599% cd, and 206.2k dps (with OWE/StI). I can handle mp10 relatively well, but I'm not exactly sure if I'm running the best build possible. My profile is:

I usually farm pl with crypt groups, so what's the best build to go with that (Monks seem to have a LOT of builds lol)? Also, is there an aps breakpoint? Lastly, any tips/tricks? I think I can probably use a bit more hp/cc, what do you think? Thanks and great guide.
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Very good guide. Thx. Tagging...
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Hey amiar what advice do you have for my crazy mp10 no life steal build currently on my monk. I would like more lps and lpss not sure where I can gain those stats. My loh should be fine at 2500 and my resistance will be good once I finish switching to lightning res gears. Hope to reach 800 here but looks like it may only get to 700. Dps is going to increase but I know where to get that
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Nice guide. Helpful...just wish I had the funds to make this all happen. Have the EHP on my budget though now just working on the DPS.
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Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I didn't see that my thread was bumped in the past couple days. If you're still interested in advice or feedback please post again so I can hook you up.

@blademaster, I don't see any LPSS stuff on your monk, but I know the only place you can get it is from helm, passive, and weapons. I'd be interested in how that would turn out!

@timo, those stats are really good! You should be able to cruise through mp10 with no problem with those stats.

@shamera: one thing i notice right away is that you lack resists on your bracers, ehp on your ammy, resists on gloves, resist on belt and double resist boots (but those are optional). If you want your EHP to go up you're probably going to have to troll through your crafts and lose some dps to get those resists up there. I'd say minimum should be like 500. Woops, just noticed you weren't using OWE. That means it's going to be much more difficult for you to get resists than the average monk.
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Thanks Amiar! I was trying to get away from OWE in hopes of utilizing another passive but if it means my having to revert back to OWE and stacking one resist - guess I'll have too in order to feasibly get my EHP up to a viable survivability rate. And, I've been so disgusted in crafting . . . I've tried oh so many time to roll better gloves, ammies and bracers and it's just not in the stars for me :(. Also, on another note, do you think it's a good choice to try for a WKL, and/or EF or two black weapons with sockets and/or dex. I'm getting torn on weapon choices. What are your thoughts on using a Tals armor (instead of innas armor) with heavy vit, and at least 60+ dex, 9% IAS on it, and replacing mempo with innas 6.0 cc helm.
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Do Monks have as breakpoints like CMWW/Barbarians with tornado ticks with SW:C? I'm running the bare minimum as right now haha.
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@Shamera, I make myself very clear on how I feel about tal's chest/radiance vs. mempo/expanse. I prefer the former unless the mempo has over 5cc.

As far as weapons, if you plan to only use FOT:TC and cyclones WKL is a good choice, but if you throw in bells you aren't getting the most out of it. I prefer 2 rares so I can do whatever I want :)

@timo, monks don't have breakpoints. Low IAS just means low spirit production via hitting less often. As far as I know if you have low IAS your cyclones will hit harder, but you will probably be spawning less of them with low IAS.
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