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Crit Chance Mempo Giveaway!

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Giving away a Mempo of Twilight to a wizard in need.
434 total armor
195 intelligence
79 all resistance
9% attack speed
10% life
4.5% crit chance

Image: http://i.imgur.com/yzNWdkS.jpg

I originally gave this Mempo to our very own mathemawizard Loroese some time ago. He has since upgraded and, in total awesomeness, returned the Mempo back to me. So now I'm passing it on to the next wizard.

One wizard can get this. How? Here's how:
Dress up your wizard in the gear pieces of your choice, take a screenshot, upload it and post the image URL here.

My ninja wizard:
http://i.imgur.com/LG6I6GT.jpg (image courtesy of laccer) <-- You don't need to do this part, I just wanted to show off some fan art

Whoever shows me the best action figure—I mean, wizard, will take home the Mempo. I will be the judge. Don't be discouraged if someone has an awesome idea and you think yours sucks. My opinion might differ from yours and who knows, maybe I like yours more. We're waiting for transmogrification in the expansion, so might as well start researching your looks now.

To qualify:
- You main a wizard or you plan on maining one
- You're an active player
- You will use the Mempo and not sell it for profit

- One entry per contestant
- You can change your image URL anytime before the contest ends, just give a heads up that you made a change
- Do not copy someone else's gear set (in the case there's a coincidental match, the first post will qualify and the second will have to submit a different set)
- In the event of a tie, I will request the 2+ finalists to make a new set for me to judge
- You don't judge. I judge. So don't make fun of someone else's set just because you think it's a clown suit. Rule breakers will be insta-disqualified

Finding gear pieces:
- You can freely use the AH to find any level item you want your wizard to wear
- Unfortunately I will not compensate anyone for the gold they spend in the AH, so participate knowing that you can lose some gold if you don't win
- Fortunately this isn't pay-to-win; it's all about creativity

Uploading images:
- Press "Print Screen" on your keyboard to take a screenshot
- The image will be in your Documents/Diablo III/Screenshots folder
- Use any image editing software (MS Paint, Photoshop, etc.) to crop your image, etc. just don't go overboard with effects. Some text or gamma changes are okay.
- Upload the image file to imgur.com (preferred), imageshack (not preferred), or any other image sharing website
- View the standalone image (you can right click and select "View Image" or just select an appropriate link (will end in .jpg, .png, etc.)
- Copy the image URL and paste it in your post


Contest ends Thursday 11 p.m. EST, 9/12/2013

SHORT NOTICE; TOO BAD. Now go and show me your best creations. Deadline has been extended because of the lack of participants.
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I'm not in need of the Mempo, nor do I really main a wizard, but at some point I tried my barb's IK chest on wiz and wound up with someone that heavily resembled Darth Vader:

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09/10/2013 10:46 PMPosted by Jaetch
You don't judge. I judge.

What a badass.

I'll join in.. but I don't need the Mempo (though it's better than my own). I did this a while back and came up with some nice looking action figurines.
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I plan to try and come up with something by tonight, just adding a post so I remember/find this again!
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Oh this is fun! I'm looking foward to all the other cool setups other people will come up with! ^_^

Here's something I put together with some of my favorite pieces, an aztec shaman that enjoys sacrificing her enemies for the favor of Quetzalcoatl, the wind god! Link: http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/9004/lmjy.png . I've always had a fascination with the lore on Storm Crow, as it reminded me of the Aztecs. So I paired the Storm Crow up with my favorite armor piece (eg. i-lvl 30 armor, Blackthorne's Surcoat, etc), a i-lvl 63 "skull" source (my shaman's most recent sacrifice), and either Kill (left image) or Blood-Magic Blade (right three images). Enjoy!

EDIT: Though I confess I do have an IMMENSE affection for my normal setup with Blackthorne's chest. It's been a staple piece since 1.0.3: http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/9097/fd8c.png !
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I also came to the conclusion that Blackthornes chest looks the best.

Don't know about Storm Crow though... a bit much for my liking.

I have a few other ideas, but I don't think there's really any armor to support it :(
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yeah hi, i just came back after a year long hiatus and totally under geared. this mempo would help me greatly
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... to Loroese some time ago. He has since upgraded and, in total awesomeness, returned the Mempo back to me.

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can i play the game too... but i don't want to be in the draw as i don't want/need a mempo?

I have so many wiz pics - lol - and my latest one... the knob helm - which i actually like the look of :P i dont' see it how some of you do lol.
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This is for US server only right?
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09/11/2013 04:30 AMPosted by Dezzo
This is for US server only right?

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To qualify:
- You main a wizard or you plan on maining one
- You're an active player
- You will use the Mempo and not sell it for profit

*evil smile*
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Hmm, time to think of a nice gearset to put together :)
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Darn. I won't be home from work till after this is over
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Here is my Sexy Wiz

you can also take a closer look within my profile

I dont need the mempo so if i win i will ask Jaetch do give it to the second place.

looking forward to transmog !
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I'd like to present my badass-cowgirl:

http://www.softbr.com/img/diablo3/badass_cowgirl_lugana2.jpg <- Second version.

^^ That's a personal server, but if some of you prefer imgur:

http://i.imgur.com/Loz0N4L.jpg <-- Second version

It's the same image.

Nat's boots and cowgirl-hat!

EDIT: Added second version with butcher's sickle. I liked that more.
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Yeah, baby! Some say she eats a middle-sized Wiz for breakfast every morning. And for lunch some spicy food, like some hot-sauced-bad-tempered-witch-doctors. :)
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To those competing: protip - if you only have a male wiz, you are SOL.
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I've always had a fascination with the lore on Storm Crow, as it reminded me of the Aztecs.

Stormcrow viewed by the side isn't so bad, at all. But from the front that thing is ugly. But the side view of your wiz, which show part of the mouth/chin is really beautiful. And the black skull is a nice touch too! Me likes ! :D
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