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Returning monk need help updating build/gear

Hey, I have been out of play since tempest rush first became a thing... coming back to the game now and finding I am enjoying it more than I expected. However on my monk, been reading up and trying some builds and some random gear I had, but most of it is from when I built my tempest rush set back when it was getting big. I don't like tempest rush much now and was looking to change to something more active.

Was hoping I could get some help/tips on decent builds that are active to use, and some advice on gearing for them. I've looked at the nirvana build and it seems interesting but I could never seem to get it to work when trying it, mostly because I think I was on too low of an MP level and things die to fast, however at high MP levels I die to fast so can't get it to work there either.

Honestly my preferred build would be using some WotHF rune for my main spirit generator and using dashing strike for mobility, I also like the idea of backlash over overawe (i know it's more of a background thing but just the idea of dodging and "counter-striking" back is something that really appeals to my sense of monkness). I know I prefer to use either EP or LTK as a spender as well. Not sure of any build like those though or if anything like that would even be viable. Have seen some things that are close (nirvana EP build for example). Something like this:


Anyway any help (especially with gearing, have 100m budget) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Take a look at that link. Got some EP, Backlash going on in some of the builds variations. Uses a TR gear base and is viable in MP10 :)
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Thanks for the response. Looking at it it looked interesting. I would prefer to use Dashing Strike over TR though (for some reason I just don't like TR really, its annoying to me though I do not it's the most efficient). Any idea if DS would work over TR for the build just slightly less efficiently?

Also if anyone has time/inclination I could use some help on deciding what to upgrade using the 100m I have for this spec.

Here is current profile: http://d3up.com/b/1030248
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DS can be used instead of TR, but yeah it isn't as efficient for that build. That build specifically uses it to hit the baddies, aggro them, and get them to follow you. DS can move you so fast that you actually lose their aggro and in the end have to go back to get them.

For the current best gearing gurus get in touch with Spear...


..or Alpha when he is done [Building] and becomes [Available]..

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Thanks for the help I have been playing it a bit with my current gear and can reliably do up to MP 6, can do up to 8 but die quite a bit, though I think I just need a bit more practice. I did end up going with TR though, DS is nice but for this not as much. I am surprised I actually liked this build as much as I did though.
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