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Gaming Glasses.

Hey guys just wondering if anyone uses any sort of PC and/or Gaming Glasses, from browsing the internet to marathon gaming sessions.

Curious to see how people rate them, i'm interested in buying a pair of Gunnar Optik's, rrp $79+shipping. Not sure if to take the plunge and try them out or if they're just a gimmick.

Post your review's, thoughts, advice below :)
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But, ...

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Just came to realise that maybe I should be trying to save my eyes, while PC/console gaming, and probably just browsing the web.

IF you happen to know regular glasses that will have the same effect please link me away :)
any help is greatly appreciated!
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These are nothing special. I've worn corrective glasses for the last 2 decades, so I've picked up some of the jargon. Many of the features Gunnar presents as 'revolutionary' and 'unique' are in fact very much standard.

These glasses will work, so they're not technically a scam. However, they are overpriced gimmicks, and I wouldn't reward this kind of marketing double-speak by making a purchase. Visit your local optician and you'll likely be able to find roughly the same, for less.

See also http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2009/10/leveling-up-your-eyesight-with-gaming-glasses-ars-explores/
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Thanks mzy, might pop in tomorrow and ask them what they can do for me :)
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I have been thinking about getting some type of glasses like that to help my eyes. I notice I can't quite zero in on small print like I could a year ago. Yeah, I realize I am not getting any younger, but sitting in front of a monitor for long hours can definitely strain the eyes. It probably wouldn't hurt to see an eye doctor, but I just had a CDL physical and I am still at 20/20 vision. 80 bucks is a lot of cash for something that may or may not work, but is a small price to pay for something that could save your eyes I guess.
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yeh that's what i'm thinking, if i spend the 80 (or try find some second hand), i'll just really make a consious effort to keep them in good condition so they last me.
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lol protect you self from having to get Glasses by wearing a pair seems legit ;)
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09/10/2013 11:39 PMPosted by rye
lol protect you self from having to get Glasses by wearing a pair seems legit ;)

lol no idea what this means... either that or my eyes have withered away and it's too late now ;)
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woot.com often has those on sale for like 20-30 bucks. If you wait, I'm sure you can get gunnar's for cheap from there.
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:) thanks!
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oh sorry and thanks for the change of forum!
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