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Skorn better for a HOTA build?

I have a skorn and I'm using WW. I am not sure if this is the most efficient use. You can check my barb.


Any suggestions on build/gear would help.

I am trying to paragon as fast as I can.
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If you want to paragon then ditch bash and run Rend - Lacerate or Ravage. Skorn is also much better for that.
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Rest of the build stays the same? I'm assuming then a low mp level right?
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09/10/2013 02:25 PMPosted by Xunde
Rest of the build stays the same? I'm assuming then a low mp level right?

Honestly, you are missing the requisite Attack Speed in order to run a HotA build effectively.

I am not 100% sure of the necessary Attacks Per Second, but I "believe" you need to be around 1.51 aps with a Skorn in order to have smooth gameplay (and not have to resort to using Bash to regen Fury)
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Hm so what build should I use? The above poster said all I need to replace was bash with rend. Should I get more atkspd gear to use a hota build with skorn? Same build but with rend and skorn?

Or should I switch my skorn for a different weapon?
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I tried Skorn for about 5 minutes before I found it didn't fit my play style (insanely fast attacks and mega CC).
IF you had enough iAS gear and MAYBE used frenzy and could maintain WotB it could work...

Just wasn't how I wanted to play despite how 'good' it is vs. DW :/
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If you have an attack speed (10% or 11%) Skorn, then you need to have 36% attack speed. If it's not an attack speed Skorn, you would need 6 or even 7 attack speed slots.
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So you suggest I keep my skorn and get way more atkspd gear?
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I recently came back to Diablo and this build sounds quite nice, but can someone link it so i can give it a try? also can you guys tell me if my gear is good enogh for it?

PD: I plan to replace my Lacunis for a good crafted bracers :P
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09/10/2013 07:13 PMPosted by Xunde
So you suggest I keep my skorn and get way more atkspd gear?

I'm a dual-wielder. I'm just saying what I think it requires to run with a Skorn. I have tried a few times to switch to Skorn but have always reverted to being a dual-wield.
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If you're trying to paragon level as quickly as possible, then drop bash and pick up rend like xxxkan said. Don't bother with HotA, and don't bother with super attack speed. Stick with Skorn and get a 9% witching hour. That'll bring you to 1.43 aps buffed, which is sufficient for oasis or fom runs.

High attack speed and HotA are conducive to elite farming, not trash farming.
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