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[PS3] Looking for Friends Thread


Lvl 60 (3)

100k damage
50k health .

Looking for keys in infernal now .
Do add me up guys :)
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I like to run around on my wizard either doing key runs or just loot runs on master 2 solo or master 3 in a group. Usually online around 9pm CST and I have a microphone.

100K dps and searching for better gear :D

psn afflictus
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Psn: Cador1141 add me legit players only please.

60(15) Monk 110k dps

Looking for people to farm with
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main is barb nearing 1 mill dps
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Psn: twrl

Lvl 60 (3) barb
120k dps unbuffed

Keen for anything :)
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PSN : nerobianco123
60 lvl Monk
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3014k base DPS(goes to 3936k when first buffed)
Second buff brings it up to 8905k :)
8454 Armor
94.6k HP

Key farming
Uber Runs(take about 45s to kill on MasterV)
Whimsy Runs, I have infernal staff.

Have a mic!

Yeah, you're totally not using any modded gear at all. lol Modded Azurwrath sword perhaps? lmao
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PSN: Ixoption
Hardcore most of time.
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PSN: XKillaKillaBeeX

60 wizard (240k dps)
send me a friend request if you want to party.
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Only lvl 40 DH but looking for people to play with.

Got several toons around lvl 25-30 also.

Only played the PS3 version so really looking for tips and fun farming.

I have a mic and am a very experienced gamer just new to D3.

PSN: StaticuS
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PSN Ghalkun

Paragon 39, multiple characters

LEGIT ONLY. I have had to delete half my old "legit" friends list due to people running around with hacked azurewrath.
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Just got D3 for PS3 and loving it. So far I got an 8 barb (haven't gotten to play long). I'll be very active after work tomorrow, and I'm planning on playing fully legit, because I love farming. I have a mike, and would also appreciate powerlevels, if anyone has any spare time.

PSN: SploshTheRipper
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PSN: Raizen31 i hve mic new 2 d3 plays on weekend only

Lvl60(4) Monk 61kdps
Lvl52 Demon Hunter 11kdps
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PSN ID: DrewCheech
Currently in Act4 Nightmare with a level 49 Wizard, mostly cold/lightning attacks
No Mic, I play when the kids are asleep.
Add me and if I see you on i'll jump in your game.
Just looking to level and get cool stuff.
I'm also cool with helping others level alt charecters :)
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PSN: Tator456

Lvl 36 Wizard

Just started playing a few days ago. Play in evenings mostly, add me. Would love to join others or have others join me.
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lvl 60 (5) monk. 145k dps - 530-AR - 6.7k armor - 80khp

PSN: dpuckett23

have mic

not a little kid.
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add me up got a mic playing for a bit everynight and quite a bit on the weekends.
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60 Barbarian
60 Monk
Paragon 7

29 Witch doctor
20 Demon Hunter

Currently farming master 1 looking for upgrades.

I have a mic but I mostly use skype Barrington 79 ID.

Old school gamer and mature adult.

I work on weekends so mostly play evenings during the week. EST.
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psn: jonesybones09
60 wizard paragon 8
135k dps. can currentlyl farm masters 1 and masters 2 if i dont get hit.
432 resist
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SploshTheRipper, starting over again, feel free to add me,
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