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[PS3] Looking for Friends Thread

psn- bfglipo

Farming mp5 anywhere
Been running Whimsy a bit lately

monk 60 (30)
and lvling a DH 51 (30)

dps -285k
hp - 84k
armour - 5400
resists - 535 - 700

Running mp5 without too much trouble
Prefer Australian players for better connections
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81 Goblin Shaman
Posts: 25
Level 60 Barb - PL8 or 9 ... (bleary eyed playing last night and really didn't look)

Not sure of DPS as I'm at work - currently using a 1300dps or so 1hander axe (the one that buffs fire damage - using it with the fire-whirlwind skill).

I've been solo-farming Master 2 and 3.

Interested in farming keywardens and just general farm runs. I've completed my herding staff so can also open Inferno Whimsyshire.

PSN ID = Strief
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Psn - Fucdat

Farming inferno master IV
Farming keys

Whirlwind barb
308k damage unbuffed
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PSN: Silentprocess

48 Witch Doctor in Nightmare A4 right now. Fine with questing or just killing for exp or items :).

Hit me up I need friends to play with.

Also have a mic.

Update - lvl 60 WD starting Inferno, would like to farm for gear with anyone or just do general leveling with other characters.
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Any couples playing looking to team up?

i almost always play with my gf and if another couple would like to join it would make for a fun and easy to set-up party.

dont have to be man/woman. brothers, sisters, or parent and child would be just as great.

we're currently lvl 60 (12-13) and farming for keys on Master2, but we're in for other stuff aswell.

feel free to just add us: Steef666 & michael166 , just include a little info so i know u're from this forum.

P.s. only legit players (you know if uré not, so just dont bother")
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PSN: SploshTheRipper
Send an add my way :)
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PSN: Kenichi_ukiya
lvl 60 wiz paragon 8
farming whatever, just wanna have a bit of fun. Getting bored playing alone :)
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psn: kristof707
witch doctor level 60(2)
leveling a monk also but is only lvl 20
Hardcore Demon Hunter low lvl though just started playing him
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Sc: hota barb 190k DPs 60/5
Farming m1+

Hc:mage 10
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Psn: DarkCronus257
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lvl 60 wiz paragon lvl 2
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60(8) witch docter (master 1 inferno)
a couple 20s and a lv 5
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ID: YahWhey
lvl 44 Barbarian
3k dps
20k life
5k armor? I forget haha

Currently, taking my time thru nightmare, on act 2, master 1 unless we're getting wrecked haha. Just crafted staff of herding, hanging out with my gf who plays a lvl 40 Demon Hunter. I forget her stats tho. We're both usually on at the same time. Add me and drop in anytime!
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got a lvl 60 barb, wiz, monk and dh at plvl 8, going to start a wd soon and another set of everything cause well achievements lol. look me up pn = mecyn only if your legit and preferably with a mic.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Posts: 3
PSN name: Treturous-

Legit lvl 60 paragon 3 softcore Barb w/mic.

I'm looking to lvl my paragon and start doing runs for sweet gear. I currently play a little every weeknight or a lot on weekends.
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PSN: React95

Monk 60 (25)

Wave of light + cyclone build
394k dps unbuffed (476k buffed with mantra & breath of heaven)
5.7k deff and 81k hp
hp will drop if I change my(3) marquise amethyst gems in my chest with 3 marquise emeralds ;)

looking for a farming team!!!
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PSN: Dubya5813

lvl 60(10) wizard

Don't know my stats off the top of my head. Play with a mic, looking for loot runs mostly. Playing on Master 1 and hold my own (wrapping up Act II), but haven't found any real gear upgrades since I finished Inferno on medium difficulty.....
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Me and my girlfriend are looking for a good farming team.

60(14) Barbarian
60(12) Wizard
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PSN: Carramac

lvl 60(4) Monk Something like 82k unbuffed, 4k, between 70-80k hp. Looking for keys and whimsey parts.

Also looking to do some trading. got a few Monk bits for trade if anyones interested.
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