Hey guys,

I have an addiction with making and trying out new builds. Because of this, I don't really care for getting extremely OP Gear, just enough to be able to farm MP8 (Because we all know gearing after that is just exponential in costs)

Anyway, for all you paragon farmers, I've got a sweet little build for you to kill a bunch.

Mouse buttons
Fury Gen attack - I use WT for the range, but Bash or Frenzy for the Dmg Boost is nice.
Main dmg - Seismic Slam with RUMBLE. Huge AOE, and crits can generate your fury nicely

Other Skills
Sprint - Run like the wind - Keeping up fury, and to run faster rounding up the mobs
Overpower with Killing Spree - 10% crit chance why not?
WOTB - Thrive - You know why
Battle Rage - Into the Fray - keep that fury up

Ruthless, Weapons Master, Brawler

How this build works -

Basically, just get your primary fury going and get that Bers going. Then run around mobs using sprint and round all the mobs up you can.

Once you get a decent sized mob, circle around them once to keep up the nados, then seismic away.

(SKIP ELITES) this is for trash farming, so elites are not too necessary here.]

Enjoy! This build is best run at FIELDS OF MISERY