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So angry with myself

So I was watching the AH, and a Skorn popped up at 1d 12h for 2b. It was 1450 DPS, 336(ish) int, 195 crit damage, 5.1 LS. I think it's the best one I've ever seen. So I got my friend to give me 1.6b (since I only had 400m) to get it, and as I was being indecisive as I always do before I buy an item, someone bought it right before I clicked the accept buyout button.

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good miss.
No need to feel angry.
get one with higher Lifesteal.. 5.6 or above.
You will get a better one later.
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Don't worry. I lost a valuable ring given to me other night due to ring swapping mid-fight with hellfire. Don't know specifically how it was lost that's just my best guess. Be happy you still have your gold ;)
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Separate lessons learnt from hesitation and gear-swapping, I suppose?
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Thanks god is gone, now you can get yourself a nice 1h+mojo set and look more like a doc O_- :)))
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lucky you... 2B for a 1400dps weapon with the knowledge that in expansion you will find a 3000+ dps weapon laying on the ground? not sure its a wise investment.

Im not a fan of not buying anything, surely get anything that looks like a good deal and useful but certainly dont blow 2B on a weapon right now.

And as far as similar mistakes go i remember a couple months into the game i was staring at a helm with a gem in it on the AH and scratching my head trying to do the math and realized the gem was worth more then the auction, clicked buyout and it was gone...
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It works both ways, a couple of times I've bought up an item quickly before fully checking its worth, only to find a similar item on the AH for less afterwards. I have missed a couple of really good deals due to indecision as well. You can't really win to be honest unless you spend all day studying the AH so you can instantly have an idea of what something is worth.
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Digital raises a great point...

What's a good price point to buy now a days when we know that an xpac is coming sometime soon?

A few mill I'm sure won't break anyone's bank but what's a good threshold (upper limit) to have there.
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That's why I don't use AH pmuch, as far as gear progression goes. I pick the basics within my affordable budget (like 4pc zuni for WD) then everything I get is from self found.

There's no ladder system. There's no competition. I decide to play D3 and slay stuff having fun instead of spending days on AH looking for good deals to get .5% CC, 1% more ChD, 20 int etc :p

Especially with the X-pac announced - even if it's 1 year (more or less) away. I'm 100% positive if I'd pump some $$ in rmah to transform my wiz / wd into GG tens of billions worth I'd get insanely bored of them in couple days. I mean, what's the point? Do you really must kill those elite packs on mp10 in 3 seconds? Is it that more challenging not having to pay attention to any affixes / ground effects and just hold a button pressed till everything melts?

I sort of miss the old inferno (the version we had at game launch, with the exception of the scaling with more people in group as that was the only aspect frowned upon pmuch, since it was preventing you from playing with friends), when getting a pack of soul lashers or the phasebeast (or what they're called) was making you !@#$ your pants literally :)
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It's okay, more snipes will be available.
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