Hey guys, a buddy of mine graciously donated some funds, sort of a "welcome back" incentive. I now have just under 300 million to upgrade with. I would like to be able to get into MP10 so I can efficiently farm experience, with the occasional Key run and Uber attempt. I know there are budget builds out there that can be done in the 15mil range, but if I have a little more gold to play with, I would like to be able to do these things a bit better.

DiaBro3 site


I am not sure if it would be wiser to upgrade everything I need, or just get 3-4 really good upgrades. I don't want to squander any gold without some input.

Thanks, fellas!

EDIT: I also had a thread open about Skorn VS DW. I think I am still on the path to go Skorn. If most of my time will be farming experience (to hit P100), and the two are rather on par with elites, I would like to go the route with better trash farming.
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