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Need avice on Firebats build.Paying 4 advice

Please check my profile to look at my items and current skills

I just got some new items like Zun's pox. I have the 4 set but i'm pretty lost as to what the next step is. I was using the top rated build for paragon 1-50
The one with firebomb http://diablo.somepage.com/popular/witch-doctor#builds

However I recently changed to the Firebats build and am so satisfied with my current dps. Any suggestions as to what gear I should change around and what items I need to make it easier would be greatly appreciated.

Since changing to blood ritual my mana problems aren't as severe but I'm dying a lot and my dps is not that high. Gold is not much of an object, I have almost a hundred mill. Please any advice is appreciated
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What mp are you trying to do? I would look into getting a new weapon
one with LS I'm guessing that's a lot of your problem 390 loh is not enough
to sustain
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Im trying to get the right gear for a firebats build since that seems to be very popular. What about the firebomb build anyway should I really abandon it and change to firebats? I seem to get much better crits now with firebats. But what do you reccomend?

I guess Im not sure what im trying to to. But the lifesteal is a good tip thanks
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You have the right gear for cob except that ef it has fear high ias and no LS.
LS is a must to sustain in mid to high mp levels I would stay with cob and change
your ef out.
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What does Cob stand for? And I want a different Ef with more lifesteal. The fear gets annoying more than anything too honestly.
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cob = cloud of bats no I wouldn't use another ef. use an axe or sword
or maybe even switch to a ls skorn but don't get another ef its counter
productive you want mobs to come to you not run away.
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For Cloud of Bats, just follow this guide, you'll get through MP10, including Ubers solo. Learn the techniques within, and watch the videos if necessary. All aspects of the game are covered.

Skorn with lifesteal is the cheapest gearing path when using CoB. I just bought a Dex Skorn for another player at 105k gold. He's rolling MP5 already.

On your gears,
1) Use Blackthorne's pants with >260 Vit and 12% Life, choose either AR or Armor
2) Use Amethyst gem in your helm, play higher MP level in groups, the exp will be excellent
3) Push up your CHC, and then your Intel (in that priority when using a Skorn)

100 mil is a lot at the entry level, but it's insignificant at the end-game level. It only takes 2 Marquis gems to cost more than 100 mil.
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