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Having issues on Mp10

Just looking for a little advice here. I've read most of the info available, and seem to be falling a little short on Mp10. I can survive ok, but feel like I am a bit too weak, I die too often and am having problems with elites.

Not sure exactly what the best upgrade or change to make at this point. Don't mind changing anything or upgrading some if needed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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You're missing 200-300 Vit, and 12% Life. Get your life to 60k-65k for MP10.

Your belt, bracer, and rare ring can have some Vit. Your pants can be a Blackthorne's pants (>260 vit, 12% Life, choose either AR or Armor).

Once you can absorb the first few hits, your lifesteal (and high CHC) will help you to sustain and tank the fight.
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Exactly as PaulNg pointed. Rare ring and Witching Hour can be replaced easily for cheap giving you more vitality and %life.

The most tricky part beginning MP10 is the HP/DPS dilemma. I tried many stuff and i can just say the minimum stats are like 62500 life 3750 armor(considering most people use use FA so doesn't really matter if you have good timing) 800 all res-850 physical resist. After this point do some testing on Reflect Damage Packs to see if you can survive against your own crits. I step by step reduced my cc and cd slightly and raised my intelligence to keep DPS and always stay alive against reflect packs. Try to remember this in future crafts&upgrades.

Good luck.
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09/12/2013 12:33 AMPosted by MANANANGGAL
I step by step reduced my cc and cd slightly and raised my intelligence to keep DPS and always stay alive against reflect packs.

Why would you intentionally want to reduce your CHC and CHD? Just increase everything when upgrading gear.
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OP, change the emerald in your weapon to Ruby, you will feel the world is different.
The steady LS give you more room to breath.
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I reduced 1 cc from helm and 2.5 cc from pox and 11 cd from ring and replaced them with the one which have more int or avarage dmg. I have done this selling the old ones and putting some gold. I was just trying to focus on direct dmg and slightly reduce my crits because i was dying against reflect damage. It may sound weird but actually it worked. Believe or not I never had too much gold in this game. I made everything selling stuff fast from proper prices and farming. I also crafted a lot. Now my WD is quite strong and i can farm MP10 or übers even in a very bad team and carry the teammates. Before this my helm had 6cc and lower int so as my pox and my ring had more crit damage and less int. Now it's working great. The difference is more then it seems. If i had a big shot and sell stuff like 1 or 2b ı'd make more radical upgrades but my best sale ever is like 60 m:)
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I m not a WD expert and i may be wrong, but I can survive pretty well in MP10 using Manaj Knife with 2.9% LS. The main issue for me is RD pack and Siege Breaker. I felt to survive MP10, it is more of gameplay rather than only about gearing.

My most common death are:
1) RD
2) Frozen
3) Knockback
4) Arcane

The most powerful skill for me is spirit walk - jaunt.
1) When I encounter a RD pack, I will go near and let them activate their RD. I will not attack them but instead kite them back, cast Horrify and let their RD go off in 4 -5 sec. This is when I drop my BBV, cast soul harvest and do my CoB for about 7-8 sec before their RD come back up. Through experience you will know when RD will happen again and you have to quickly cast your Spirit walk for another 3 seconds. In most cases, I will be able to kill the pack after my SW is done. Otherwise, I will just kite them again. I think this approach is better than straight off attack which I normal got 1 shot.

2) For frozen elites, just go straight into fight drop BBV, cast soul harvest and do CoB. When the ice is about to explode, you can cast SW to avoid been frozen and continue with CoB. Grave Injustice should be able to reduce your SW cooldown to be ready for next Icy patch.

3) Same strategy as no 2 for Knockback and arcane

Am i doing right?
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09/12/2013 04:28 AMPosted by Cameo
Am i doing right?

yes indeed :)
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sincerely appreciate the help!

Ive increased total hitpoints to 68.7k and hope to increase dmg by about another 15k in the next day or two. Hopefully that'll take care of the issues.
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