Diablo® III

Akarat and diggers

Please explain this to me. We go from never hearing Akarat ever in D2 to hearing it every other second in D3.

We go from Gheed and Orpheus to a "digger" in every town.

What's up with this? Where did Akarat and diggers come from? It sounds like WoW garbage.
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Akarat is the great prophet of the Zakarum faith, with The Visions of Akarat being their main holy document.

While you are right that Akarat was not mentioned in the game Diablo II, he was spoken of in Diablo II's game manual both under the lore for the Paladin as well as the lore for the Paladin's attacks.
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It's really a shame that I can't seem to name any of the NPC vendors in the game. Maybe that's just me, but they are all really forgettable clones. I get that D3 greatly expanded the interaction between the Followers, but it was at the cost of vendors.

Now, every vendor is apparently capable of repairing your items...Oh, and the fact that DIABLO 3 HAS NURSE JOY AS ITS HEALER.
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A lot of the lore in Diablo II was in the manual, not the game. There is so much to be missed if you never read the original D2 manual.

09/12/2013 06:41 PMPosted by Donbot
Now, every vendor is apparently capable of repairing your items...Oh, and the fact that DIABLO 3 HAS NURSE JOY AS ITS HEALER.

To be fair, D2 was exactly the same way. Hell, most of the characters you got healed by in D2 were women so it was a lot closer to Nurse Joy then D3 is.
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My Nurse Joy comment has nothing to do with gender or whatever you meant by "exactly the same"

Brother Malachi, Ghaine, Andreus looks the same, sounds the same, and are basically clones aside from their names. Minions and mooks are acceptable breaks from reality, but the healers seem like a step down from Diablo 2's healers.
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D2 you had Ormus in Act 3. So D2 had more healer diversity than D3.

Diablo 1 & 2 game manuals had so much effing lore it was ridiculous but awesome. When I bought Diablo 3 I was super pissed there wasn't a game manual to provide some lore. Some thing had to have gone on in the 20 year gap between the two games!

Nope, but you can buy this book?
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