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Did Diablo specifically need Leah? (spoilers)

Maybe I'm reading into this wrong, but did Diablo really need Leah, specifically, to be his vessel?

Would it have been any different for Adria to have just grabbed a random person off the streets? I feel as if she was simply being malicious in this regard - just because Leah was Diablo's daughter didn't really seem to make him any more or less effective by the time Imperius orders him to strip off the Leah form. I mean, he's possessed others before - Belial possessed Hakan, but that didn't really help him much against the heroes. What makes Leah so special besides the fact that she's his daughter?
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Remember it wasn't diablo who possessed her, it was all seven of the great evils. It would make sense, at least to me, that it would take a particularly powerful human to contain them all. Remember that the hero from Diablo 1 frayed really badly before being cast off like a cheap jacket by Diablo alone.
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09/11/2013 11:39 PMPosted by RoboKatamari
What makes Leah so special besides the fact that she's his daughter?

But that's just it, she's made so special because she is his daughter. They are directly linked by blood, so of course she would make the perfect host. And it's not Adria being malicious, this was her plan from the beginning with Leah, not something she just decided on a whim. :P
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The vessel makes all the difference in direct link to the power of the possessor. Look at Diablo in D1: he possessed a child. In D2 Adain had trouble retaining the power, and Diablo took a more powerful form. Tal-Rasha was a powerful mage and look at all that Baal was able to do - mind you Diablo is often regarded as the most powerful due to his lack of feeling fear, and D2's story was all about, in the end, Baal being able to do what he did.

So just any random NPC would severely gimp the possessor's abilities and strengths. Think of the host as a piece of gear - you wanna rock out on a normal white item? Blue? Or go rare or legendary?
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It may have also helped Diablo retain dominance over all the others, ensuring that his consciousness rained supreme amongst the hive-mind that now comprised his new incarnation.

None of the others had a link to her, only Diablo.

Were it just anyone, there's a chance that Diablo wouldn't have ended up the dominant consciousness...let alone as powerful.
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