Diablo® III

They did a fantastic job on console.

there's a difference between 100hours grind and 500hours grind. it's like 4x slower than on pc. You defenetly haven't grinded one to p100 on pc.
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Just want to add enjoying the console version very much as I am a CE owner of D3 on PC (which is now broken and I am not gonna repair it again) Thanks for the game I hope to see more efforts from Blizzard in the future for console users.
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@Berethos, The dodge roll scales with movement speed, so it gets much much better with higher movement speeds. Yes with no MS it's quite lame. It is absolutely AWESOME on my barb with 80% movement speed though :)

Not sure if it even has an invulnerability period which is what I assume you're talking about. All I got with perfect timed dodges was 'dodge' not sure if the rolls invuln says dodge when it works? Might be so, as my barb had 2% chance to dodge when I tested it but got it to say dodge quite a few times.

I use it like a get outta there fast animation cancel move. Amazing for that and high MS one roll goes 3x the distance than with no MS

Stuck in a slow animation attack and a blazing guardian fireball comin' at ya? Dodge:) on pc, you're hit

It serving as an animation cancel for your character is definitely a positive part of its design, but I'm mostly talking about something more basic to the combat overall - you can still be hit by attacks when the visual feedback on the screen indicates that you should not. When you can lay two of a given character head to toe between your own and the enemy by the time the attack animation finishes and still take damage? Yeah...

It's like the game is registering you as being in range of the attack too early during the attack animation, and the resulting sequence of move (manually or with the roll) and still get hit ends up making the game feel like it's lagging a bit while not being online.

That one part just didn't feel polished...at least when playing a Wizard. Playing a Barb feels much better, especially since the class is designed to take a few hits. I should also note that this was primarily basic attacks, as many special attacks from things like elites often have such lengthy animation times (compared to the average claw/sword/axe swing) that it's no issue there.
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Any info about when we can enjoy the console feeling also on PC:)?
We are so many that want something new:P
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To add to the jolly, I played my barbarian for about 6 hours yesterday and one of the items that dropped was mempo (200+ str, 9% IAS, 82 AR, 4.5% CC). I think I performed my own version of Warcry when that happened :)

After 1000+ hours of play on PC I have NEVER had a chance to get a mempo like that. I had PS3 version for less than 2 weeks now...
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Nice arc that is a sweet find!

And berethos yea I remember now after rolling away, still being hit like it was a demonic stretch armstrong lol...maybe they will work on improving the roll in future patches
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My wife always wanted to play with me, but we didn't want to have to get another computer specced as necessary. The PS3 version has been great for us. A bit of a drag to have to wait while the other player vendors, but that's a minor quibble. The co-op local experience is pretty fantastic overall. Looking forward to spending a LOT of hours on this with my wife. :)
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All though I have to start all over again, it is so worth it.. Dont have to sit on my computer (which isnt of the best kind), I get rid of sudden hard lags, much more comfortable playing on a wide HD tv screen. etc etc etc..
Great work blizzard ;)
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