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What good is a laser...

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...if it doesn't make your enemies explode? Where's the fun in that?

w/ CM http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#RQSjgT!WdX!bZcaZZ
solo http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#RQSjgT!YdX!bZcaZZ
AP issues? (APS too high or no SoJ), then use
Still having issues, you need to do some soul searching.

I've been running disintegrate lately with the volatility rune just because I want to make it work. I think the build I have in profile is the best one for building around that particular rune.

I have CB on because last login I had the great Melkor spamming frost novae. (We also had the talented FL0Maxx proccing conflag and the marvelous JenPZ running the CS monk) I swap in GC for CB when doing solo That bumps me up over 300k buffed. (I can also run conflag if I think I'm too glassy thanks to sparkflint and crow. This actually might be my preferred passive for solo but more testing is needed.)

It works pretty well. I love seeing those 1.5M+ crits on kill, so it adds to the weeee factor. I don't have any problems channeling for long periods of time if I'm hitting at least one enemy. This is due to my 10APoC, -5 SoJ, and power of the storm. I don't need reactive armor because of slow time, wormhole, and illusionist.

Ranged enemies, I just stand in my bubble and matrix those projectiles. I am Neo. For melee, I drop the bubble when they get close enough then go to the opposite side so I can beam them longer. Most of the time, I try to tele right up to them, drop the bubble, and step back a little to beam. The best skill I have gotten out of playing this build is the following sequence of actions: teleport in, drop bubble, teleport out. This gets you in and out of a pile of mobs nicely and most of them will be stuck there at least a second, sometimes a lot longer. But you must be fast, I'm not talking about intentionally proccing illusionist here. I'm talking about dropping the bubble during wormhole's one second grace period and getting one more cast out of the deal.

One thing to remember is to put the bubble out wherever (preferably on top of the mobs), whenever and don't worry about it. For example, if a grotesque is about to pop on you, you might as well drop a bubble where you are standing because you know you're going to instantly reset the cooldown when he does pop. You learn to watch your cooldowns and then you intentionally tank an attack if you need to get your teleport and bubble back.

The group run was MP10 with CB passive and I think it went pretty well. Solo, I'm running pretty comfortably on MP7. As for most fringe builds, you can open up your wallet (or sell your car if you're broke) if you wanna run it on MP10 solo, I'm sure it's possible. Probably not worth it tho IMO. But it's something to try if you already have some lowish APS channeling gear around.
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I always found with disintegrate, you could cheat pretty easy with Living Lightning. That solves all my attack speed and arcane problems.

I suppose you could really work around the issue with the SOJ and running more sources of APOC, but that just makes it so simple. But ya I lose a skill to do it (but I don't need Astral at least.)

When you hit a single or a double, you fire a little bit of LL mixed in. Everything else you are generally fine. I use Chaos Nexus though which I believe procs APOC better. Perhaps with volatility it's not so easy.
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Yeah, I was running CC/CD ring in place of SoJ and occulus to hit 20 APoC and that worked just fine too but my trium and SoJ output a lot more damage vs. elites.
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