Diablo® III

Fire Armor Spell

Base Spell. Periodically burns enemies around the wizard for fire damage and increases Fire Resistance by 20%.
Rune: Enemies within the burning area that are dealt a fire damage spell "heat up" after a period of 5 seconds and explode for 100% fire damage.
Rune: Molten Lava pours from the wizards body covering a 5 yard radius and also trails behind the wizards walking path (similar to firewalkers) dealing 200% weapon damage as fire.
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Ring of Fire : casts a ring of fire surrounding the wizard that has does 25% weapon damage per second as fire to all enemies it hits within 12 yards of the wizard. Enemy projectiles have a 50% chance to be burned and destroyed upon crossing the rings protection circle. Lasts 4 minutes.

Fire wall : Increases the damage to 40% weapon damage per second in an 8 yard radius.

Scorched Earth : Burns the ground you walk on creating craters wherever the wizard stands slowing enemy movement by 60%. Damage decreased to 15% weapon damage per second as fire, Increases base radius to 22 yards. Gains additional radius from items that grant pickup radius.

Swirling Heat : No longer destroy's projectiles, but has a 50% to catch projectiles crossing the fire Vortex's circle path and lights them on fire, Each burning projectile is flown out at high speed at nearby enemies and each projectile does 50% weapon damage as fire.

Flickering Flame : Each enemy killed by fire spells adds 1 second to the duration of all buff's that the wizard has active.

Armageddon : Periodically calls down meteor strikes around the wizard. Each small meteor strike does 25% weapon damage as fire every second, and each meteor strike lasts 4 seconds. Affected by items that grant pickup radius.
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