Diablo® III

Bliizard All Stars

Has there been any headway in this game? Is it still going to be released?
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most likely some kinda news will be announced at Blizzcon in November (hopefully)
also saw a job posting for e-sports manager position for sc2 and all stars
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I guess they are trying to break into the MOBA sports with All Stars. Hope there is some news about it at BlizzCon.
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vaporware as slated release was to come out with HotS. Guess what it didn't.

also Dota2 and LoL are so entrenched in the market if there was a BAS coming out it better do somethign different than just revamp a skin and trying to claim they are innovating by removing "boots are a broken design" item mentality when they are implementing mounts which amount to the same sh** they are claiming is broken design.

Among other things the only thing balanced or has some diverse type of gameplay Blizzard holds is just SC2 and perhaps Hearthstone, I wouldn't want to play any MOBA released by Blizzard seeing as how they can't even handle Diablo 3 and simplifying WoW down to the lowest common denominator. Both of which are RPGs and a MOBA is heavy on RPG something which Blizzard lacks in today's time.

On top of that for a free to play genre vs. their premium titles that are paid for, any unbalances I wouldn't expect any changes from Blizzard until years later when the meta is way too far in and disregarded by most competitive players in this category. MOBAs are ACTIVE games which require FREQUENT updates, something which Blizzard isn't known for. They are slow and heavy like a snowstorm; a blizzard.
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