Diablo® III

PS3: Delayed sound effects (Disc edition)

Hi everyone, i have a new brand PS3 and a blu-ray copy of D3.

I noticed some delayed sounds effects, even on a single player party. Most of the time with many mobs and effects on the screen..with 4 players coop delays increases by seconds.......-____-

I think due to real-time reading from the blu-ray.

Why don't you release a patch that allows a partial installation on hdd ? Such a shame, seems to play a broken game.......on x360 game can be installed, why this disscrimination on ps3 ?

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Same problem here. It also applies to characters/followers comments after killing mobs.
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09/15/2013 05:50 AMPosted by TozziFan
Same problem here. It also applies to characters/followers comments after killing mobs.

Yes, i noticed this too......waiting for a blue reply.....
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I've encountered this too. I've never lost any loot, but it is kind of weird to hear a gem drop after I've already picked it up.
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just to add this also happens on the PS3 using a harddisk install/digital download.

many times items will drop and not make a sound, especially legendaries. sometimes it's most noticeable after waypointing into a new area for example into rakkis crossing. game is almost silent while it seems to "catch up" with the sound of whats happening on screen.
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Same, disc based, I find I have to sit for a few seconds for the audio train to catch up. Mostly notable in my case in act 4 after the hell rifts but before big D.
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It is not just sound delay on mine, my character actually pauses while the sound loads. Getting into the higher difficulties, this is going to be an issue since it does not stop the monsters from attacking.
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This should be fixed ASAP, with multiple enemies some sounds start even with 5-10 seconds of delay..it's just awful.
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Toc, Toc ?

Dear blizzard, i know, you are so lazy, but this is a CRITICAl problem.

This problem is unacceptable and afflicts all players, even with dd edition installed on hdd.

Please some blue can post here, at least ? Or i must dance naked around a fire at night crying out to the sky ?

Thanks for your ATTENTION.
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Add my name to the list experiencing this.
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