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Xbox 360 Auto Level 60 Character!!!!?

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I had a friend over today, he has never in his life played Diablo 3 on the console...
So I decide to let him put my game disc into his xbox 360, he starts the game and it
show the mandatory update screen for him being his first time starting up Diablo 3 in
his console. He downloads the update completely, then he gets to the main start screen
where it displays "Press Start', from there he presses start then it brings up the
"Select Storage Device", he picks his memory unit. It never displayed the screen to adjust
safe zone or the adjust Gamma at all after he selected his storage device, it took him directly to the main menu displaying a level 60 Paragon (1) Male Wizard with the
following items equipped: Messerschmidt's Reaver(+101 Min Damage, +224 Max Damage, +680-813 Fire Damage, +7% Damage, +169 Str., +161 Dexterity, +530 Intel,
+185 Vitality, +70% Critical Hit Damage, and Convert 5.70% Damage Dealt to Life.),
Gladiator Gauntlets(+149 Intel, +173 Life per Hit, +8% Life, +179 Armor, +8.5% Critical Hit Chance, Reduces duration of control effects by 17%.), Soldier Crux(+143 Intel, +116 Vitality, +40 Fire resistance, +183 Life Per Second.), Corpse Mail(+318 Intel, Melee attackers take 1391 damage per hit, +8348 Life from Health Pots/Globes),
High Fortune(+251 Intel, +15% Life, +232 Armor, +Gold/Health Pickup increased by 7yds.), Overwhelming Necklace(+31 Str, +158 Intel, +16 Exp per Kill.), Chain Renegade(+83 Dexterity, +180 Intel, +99 Vitality, +63 Resist All Elements, +203 Life per Second), Leoric's Signet( +218 Intel, +5.5% Critical Hit Chance, +28% Bonus Exp., Gold/Health pickup increased by 7yds.), Manald Heal(+175 Intel, +238 Life Per Hit, +10% Life, +229 Life per Second, +17% Magic Item Find, +12 Maximum Arcane Power(Wizards Only)), Mountaintop Cleats(+97 Str., +312 Intel, +43 Cold Resistance, +8486 Life from Health Pots/Glboes.), Walker's Terminus(+259 Intel, +241 vitality, +47 Physical Resistance.), and Sanguine Braid(+273 Intel, +116 Vitality, +46 fire resistance, +725 Life after Each Kill.). His stats were as follows: Damage 2272k, Armor 120k, Health 6136k, Streangth 131k, Dexterity 131k, Intelligence 134k, Vitality 131k. He had over 10,000 Health Potions, over 1.4 Biliion Star Topaz and Star Emeralds in his inventory, over 1.4 Billion Star Topaz and Star Emerlads in his Stash. He was also named mugetsu for an odd reason. He also had over 1.4 Billion Blacksmithing reagents in his Stash along with some Rare and Legendary Weapons.... This is a guy who never played Diablo 3, doesn't have any achievements to show for his completions, but randomly gets a level 60 Paragon (1) Male Wizard as soon as he does an update.... I can include photos by request of Tech support VIA this email on my account.
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Sounds to me like your friend downloaded a save from the web to his memory unit and didn't tell you beforehand, to be honest
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