Diablo® III

Expansion paragon levels info

This is from the mined data for the new client. Copied from another web site with my spitballing added.

Primary stats: 1 paragon point = +5 stat to a max of 50 (so 10 paragon points each stat)

Intelligence - [{VALUE}|+|]
Strength - [{VALUE}|+|]
Dexterity - [{VALUE}|+|]
Vitality - [{VALUE}|+|]

Not sure about these, if they keep the 10 point limit or not (again, this is all prelim spitballing)

Those listed below look like a %, so maybe +.2% each one, so if you put 10 points into attacks per second bonus, you'd get +2% IAS total. I think, at least for IAS, that matches the increase in primary stats (in terms of scaling and benefit).

Attacks_Per_Second_Bonus - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Crit_Damage_Percent - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Crit_Percent_Bonus_Capped - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Power_Cooldown_Reduction_Percent - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Hitpoints_Percent - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Armor_Bonus_Percent - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Dodge_Chance_Bonus - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Movement_Bonus_Run_Speed - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Resource_Regen_Bonus_Percent_Mana - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%
Magic_Find - [{VALUE}*100|2+|]%

These look like a flat bonus similar to stats. No idea what the Value per point is.

Resistance_All - [{VALUE}|+|]
Gold_PickUp_Radius - [{VALUE}|1+|]
Resource_Max_BonusMana - [{VALUE}|2+|]

18 categories. p100 worth of exp (~10billion I think) = 38.4 points to spend.

My first choices in no order would be mana regen, max mana, int and crit %.

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If the points spent breaks hard caps I'd probably do Movement speed first then mana regen then magic find then CC/CD > everything else.

If they don't break the hard cap then I'd probably do 1 into movement then mana regen CC>CD>Everything else.
Edited by Jimbob#1821 on 9/13/2013 9:52 PM PDT
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Cooldown reduction tickles my fancy, same reason as using GI.
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