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No more AH


BEST NEWS since D3 Announced...this team might actually have what it takes to rescue this game. I am deeply, deeply impressed with this decision. Bravo!
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Awesome change

Appears that xpac coming out shortly after March 2014

Still with no controller support I'm probably gonna stick with the console version over the RSI inducing PC version.
I'm more interested to know if this news is actually telling us the release date of loot 2.0. March seems a long way off for that but I don't think they'd release loot 2.0 with the AH still intact.

Or maybe they would because they plan on releasing loot 2.0 a VERY short time before the expansion. Maybe we'll see RoS shortly after the AH removal?

i was thinking this same thing.

about the AH being removed, i dont really care to much. i never used it a lot but i really liked having a better system for trading than was in D2. in a way trading in D2 was a lot of fun just because of the barter system, and D3 could turn out like that. but i think we will still have a lot of people just resorting to trading for gold. i also hope that another method of making trading slightly more streamlined is added. i dont not want to open up a chat or something and seen nothing but tons of people spamming WTB and WTS over and over again.

Like when you could sell items for a SOJ amount.
I actually enjoyed playing the AH.

Now, after March 2014, I guess play time will drop. Without the AH, gold will have little use now. They need to implement a better trade system as well as a better Gold sink. In my honest opinion, the AH made it easier for casual players to sell gear.
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