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The effective of my AS gear

Dear all, by checking my profile with attack speed 3.58. Did I over rated with such gear for cm wizards?

Anyone know what is the most efficient attack speed for cm?
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Yyyyyyyyyyyyyeah, you kinda overdid it. XD

From what I've heard, the most efficient APS for CM wizards is either 2.76 or 3.0. Those are the breakpoints for WW that most wizzies shoot for.
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Hmm, time for upgrade weapon with socket
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you need more all resist
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Definitely get more all resist, your EHP is quite low right now.

The gear in your profile has you at 3.15 aps. no 3.5, this puts you at 3.0001 abreakpoint. If you go socket chants, you would drop to 2.92. But the breakpoint is at 2.7273 aps, You can drop a piece with attack speed for more crit chance since yours is on the lower side. I would swap out the attack speed zuni ring for a crit chance version
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I like the high aps - i think thats really cool.

however you really overlooked on CC mostly due to teh hellfire (which is amazing btw gg) and the poc which you went for ias in those areas. if you could get that cc chance up another 10 or 15 then that would be a nicer balance in my opinion.

I think maybe drop down to 3.01 so that you can fit in that extra cc and like picha said pump up that all resist as well when adding cc.

But otherwise it's cool, nice ias and dps armor/hp... perhaps a tiny bit more loh would be sweet too againg bringin gup that ehp vale ;)
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Thanks for comment , pls suggest an upgrade if u have any idea. How about switching an high cri damage amulet? But the LOH will drop , whether it will reduce the survivability?
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Holy crap 3.5 atps. Just for fun, electrocute must look awesome.
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