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Oh Great Forum Wizards, Please Critique Me

I have only been able to do up to Inferno MP3 so far. I was wondering if you learned sages would look at my gear and see what I need to do next (skills also);). Thank you in advance.
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I think we'd need to learn a bit more about what you're trying to do before we can help you. Your talents are SNS but your weapon and offhand are archon.

For gearing for those respective builds, you really can't beat reading the stickies on this forum. I won't even mention the basics because they're really worth reading in full if you're serious, particularly the post about attack speed for SNS.

Few things that are independent of build though: rings and amulet with ias/cc/cd (attack speed, critical strike chance, critical strike chance) are pretty important for both main types of wiz, but they're expensive. Start looking for them if you haven't already.

I'm not sure Andariel's is a good idea if you're trying to SNS. You can do pretty well avoiding bad floor with teleport: safe passage, but sometimes there's just a ton of crap lying around and even the most deft porting can't save you. Fire chains and molten are also pretty bad news for SNS even without that increased fire damage taken stat (especially if there's also a vortex).
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Figure out what build you wanna run first.

For either build, your armor is OK, but you're not getting as much out of it because your AR is a bit low.

For SNS, you need to hit IAS/CC requirements to become more functional. You're currently at 1.595APS and 33CC. You need at least 2.31APS and around 50CC. 2.51APS is doable so long as you can keep your CC high enough (around 55~60CC) but I personally run the 2.73APS break point with around 53CC (which is on the low side) for better freezing.

After you figure out what APS break point you want to run and you achieve it, put everything else into AR/armor/life.

For Archon, just go as much black damage as you can (weapons with no elemental damage, for rings/amulets, look for +min/max damage) with high CC/CD. There really is no requirement on each value, but the higher the better.

Check out PieHole's SNS guide for more info for CM/WW and SNS.


Check out Jaetch's video tutorial for everything related to Archon.


If you're on budget and you wanna run CM/WW or SNS, check out my budget gearing guide.

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Sorry I was playing around with skills before I logged I wasn't thinking. I'm going for a CM build. What I have now in my profile is what I usually roll with. I was thinking I need more cc but I wasnt sure. I do well in MP2 & 3 but there are mobs that can drop me quick. The pull things when they charge and the really big mobs with all the spikes coming out of them. I'm sorry I dont remember their name but when they are in a group I have to pay real close attention because they drop me quick. Can anyone give me ideas on how I could make this build a little more defensive or do you have something else in mind ;).

I read the guides for cm all the maths made my head hurt ;).
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09/14/2013 01:30 PMPosted by Dathan1973
The pull things when they charge and the really big mobs with all the spikes coming out of them.

Those are vortex and reflect damage, respectively. RD I haven't had too many issues with; I think they're mostly a challenge for meteor builds that can one-shot themselves. Vortex are only annoying when there's also some kind of ground crap. Other than that, you want to be in melee anyway so if they pull you it's not a big deal.

A pair of Blackthorne's Pants and a Stormcrow are the best kind of defensive. There are some LOH rings or amulets but I prefer to save those slots for trifecta pieces.
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