Diablo® III

Requires level


  • 1-Hand
  • Legendary Sword
  • 40.4–40.8
  • Damage Per Second
  • 1739 Damage

  • 1.44–1.46 Attacks per Second


  • Increases Attack Speed by 3–4%

  • Secondary

  • Lightning damage has a chance to turn enemies into lightning rods, causing them to pulse 167–222% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 6 seconds.

  • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +(3–6)(7–14) Lightning Damage

    • +(32–39)(39–49) Lightning Damage

  • +3 Random Magic Properties
  • Account Bound
Unique Equipped

The Quinblades are the only surviving weapons forged by master swordsmith Morad Peerse, each a unique expression of his craft. Made during Peerse's Early Period, Fulminator expresses, through blinding speed and arcing lightning strikes, its maker's youthful exuberance and the joy he found in his craft.

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