Diablo® III

Requires level

Pauldrons of the Skeleton King

  • Shoulders
  • Legendary Shoulders
  • 89–104

  • Armor


  • +24–29 Vitality

  • +31–36 Armor

  • Secondary

  • When receiving fatal damage, there is a chance that you are instead restored to 25% of maximum Life and cause nearby enemies to flee in fear.

  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +24–29 Dexterity

    • +24–29 Strength

    • +24–29 Intelligence

  • +2 Random Magic Properties
  • Account Bound
Unique Equipped

"No matter its value, it would be wise to let the raiment of the Black King remain buried with its fallen owner. No good can come of disturbing Leoric's rest." —Deckard Cain

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