Diablo® III

Requires level


  • Finger
  • Set Ring


  • Attack Speed Increased by 5.0–7.0%

  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +416–500 Dexterity

    • +416–500 Strength

    • +416–500 Intelligence

  • +4 Random Magic Properties
  • Bastions of Will
  • Focus
  • Restraint
  • (2) Set:
  • Your primary resource spenders that spent resource deal 50% more damage while you are at full resource.
  • Account Bound
Unique Equipped

Restraint was crafted to be an integral part of the set of magical rings known as the Bastion of Will. Each ring bears a raised symbol that denotes its signature power to those with the wisdom to interpret them.

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