® Social Community® offers a number of ways to help you stay connected with fellow Blizzard gamers online. Your BattleTag™ nickname is a player-chosen handle that serves as your public identity on When two people choose to become BattleTag friends, they open up communication tools that make it easier to play together, all while maintaining the anonymity of an online handle. Real ID offers a great way to stay connected with people you know in real life – you’ll see their real names, and they’ll see yours, so you won’t have to worry about remembering which epic nickname corresponds to which friend.

Find out how to add Real ID or BattleTag friends or set up your BattleTag on our Support page.

What Is BattleTag™?

Your BattleTag is a player-chosen nickname that will be used to identify you across all of—on our websites, in our forums, and in Blizzard games such as Diablo® III. Choose to become BattleTag friends with another player, and you’ll have access to a number of communication tools that make it easier to stay in touch and play the way you want, all while maintaining the anonymity of an online handle.

Check out our BattleTag FAQ for more details, and head to the website to create your BattleTag.

One Name, All Games

Once you choose your BattleTag nickname, it will serve as your unified public identity across all of—on our websites, in forums, and in games such as Diablo III, both in public chat and in groups. BattleTags aren’t unique, so you can choose whatever name you want (as long as it adheres to the naming policy). Each BattleTag is automatically assigned a numeric code to form a unique identifier that you can share with others.

Rich Presence

Once two players agree to become BattleTag friends, they’ll have access to a variety of powerful communication tools similar to those available to Real ID friends. You’ll be able to see any of the characters your friends are playing when they’re logged in, chat cross-game, invite your friends to groups, and more. You can also set yourself as Available, Busy, or Away for your friends to see.

Cross-Game Chat

With BattleTag, friends can chat cross-game, cross-realm, and cross-faction across all supported Blizzard games, including World of Warcraft®, StarCraft® II, and Diablo III. BattleTag also gives you access to powerful in-game features, such as the ability to form cross-realm World of Warcraft groups with your BattleTag friends.

Friend Once, See All Characters

When you become BattleTag friends with another player, both of you will automatically be able to see each other’s active characters on friends lists whenever you’re both online. You’ll even see any characters your friend creates in future Blizzard Entertainment games, carrying your social network forward and helping you stay connected with the people you enjoy playing with most.

Create Your BattleTag