makes me mad


Posts: 18 has always messes my game play up when its down don't matter if the game is down or not you can't play the game when is down.
Blizzard Employee
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Hello derick77,

There appears to be an issue at the moment with logging in to the Desktop App and our games. Currently it appears that logging in is failing or taking an exceptionally long time. We're looking in to this issue at the moment and are working hard to get things back online. We'll update as more information becomes available.
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yeah, I am having the same problem. Guess I'll play something else for now.
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Then maybe it would be best to not have to log into the app since it causes problems...
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is it saying the servers are busy for u?
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where will this information be available?
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I am deeply saddened by this, since Shu'Halo seems to be directly affected by it as a whole... everyone in my guild has been disconnected and cannot log back in... *pout pout-sniff sniff)
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I'm having the same issue logging in
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You must be patient, my friend. In the end, Blizzard will not fail you!
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..... and now I can't service or feed my addiction....
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Well, maybe you should make your next patch to have an offline mode so people are not relying on your servers to be up so they can play the game they paid $90 for. Hmmmm
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I have to raid at 6:30 helppppppp!! blizzard
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yes thank you for looking into the logging in bug, bcecause it wont let me log in properly?
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It would be really kewl if they kick me down with a 'free ride' token so I could adopt another 90 to play, to compensate for the inconvenience I am living through now. I mean, I do pay for a certain amount of time and right now my money is flying out the window like a money dude on a geico bike...

Of course, even IF they did kick down with a compensatory 90 free ride token, I wouldn't be able to play it right now.... lol .... grrrrr
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Sawries bro.... raid cancelled due to lack of interest ... lol ....
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wonder if they will compensate us for this loss of time since their subscription timers don't ever seem to pause lol
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And the funny thing for me about this. Was playing Diablo with a roomie I get booted from the game and can't log back in but he is still playing fine. Just reafirms for me how much I hate online requirements for games like diablo 3.
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04/29/2014 06:17 PMPosted by VBNERIC
wonder if they will compensate us for this loss of time since their subscription timers don't ever seem to pause lol

My thoughts, exactly !
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how many of our fellow addicts can we rally behind us on this quest for justice for our wallets
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Is there any way to play sc2 online right now? That's all I want. I moved my setup to an optimal room in the house for the night to do some gaming, and what do you know..... can't log in.
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