Security Commitment

Blizzard Entertainment is dedicated to creating the most epic gaming experiences ever; making sure that your information is safe and secure is an important part of that effort.

For obvious reasons we cannot discuss details of our internal security measures publicly, but suffice it to say we are confident that our efforts to always remain several steps ahead of account thieves and hackers are paying off.

The Technical Research Group

Part of our efforts to identify and counter threats to account security is our dedicated Hacks Team. This specialized team of security experts monitors new and existing threats and develops tools and countermeasures that help us fight back against those who would try to steal and sell your account for profit.

Customer Support

Our customer service representatives are working around the clock to help you with all your account needs, including assistance in case of account theft. Rest assured that these brave men and women will leave no stone unturned and no lead un-followed-up-on until you have your account back safe and sound.

The Authenticator

For peace of mind, reinforce your account with an additional layer of security in the form of the Authenticator. (Here’s how.) The authenticator greatly reduces the chance of someone else gaining access to your account, and we strongly recommend you add this measure to your account today. It’s available both as a keychain device and an app for various mobile phones.