Connect. Play. Unite.

At this moment, Blizzard gamers around the world are meeting up through® to prove their skill in epic multiplayer matches, take part in epic adventures, and socialize with their friends.

Our vision for is to unite gamers under the banner of a powerful and advanced online gaming platform. Since its inception in 1996, has been constantly evolving to offer more user-friendly, more consistent, and more fun online experiences for Blizzard gamers. Read on to discover how.

All Your Blizzard Games in One Place

Once you log in through the new desktop app, you have access to all your Blizzard games. Get in a quick World of Warcraft dungeon run with your guild, play a few league games in StarCraft II, and then head over to Diablo III and level up your barbarian without having to sign in separately each time. You can even have your computer remember you for up to 30 days for even easier access.

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Always Up-to-Date

No more wondering about whether or not your games are up-to-date – automatically queues up patches and smaller updates for all Blizzard games even while you’re away from your computer. What’s more, automatically syncs your game progress as you play, so you’ll be able to continue your epic adventure right where you left off even if you play on more than one computer.

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The Blizzard Social Community offers a number of ways to help you stay connected with your fellow Blizzard gamers.

Your BattleTag™ nickname identifies you across all of (and in Blizzard games such as Diablo® III), making it easy to communicate with other players you’ve met on, even if you’re not friends in real life. Learn more.’s Real ID feature is an optional layer of identity designed to help you stay connected with your real-life friends on the service. When you and a friend agree to become Real ID friends, you’ll be able to chat using your real name both in-game and out, as well as get detailed status information about what your friends are up to on Learn more.

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Be Part of The Discussion makes it easier to be part of the Blizzard community both inside the game and out. The new desktop application serves as a central hub to find game information, developer blogs, and more, as well as filter news based on which Blizzard games you play or what kind of info you want to hear more about. Read the latest news and let us know what you think in the comments of the news blogs on our game websites!

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Join a Community of Millions

For more than thirteen years, has been home to an ever-growing number of gamers from around the world. Today, millions of gamers are playing on, and new players find their way here every day. Join them now and become part of one of the world’s most connected, dedicated, and fun online gaming communities.

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