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Jun 4, 2013 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Battle.net desktop app. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Jun 4, 2013
Jul 27 Battle.net app white screen after update I just updated the Battle.net application (it was working fine before), and now the application's screen is white. I can't see anything. Screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/vkcsUtg.png I tried reinstalling with no results. Help.Scynthrax20 Jul 27
11m Need to login in twice Every time that I try to login in to battle.net app, it tells me that I can't connect to the server and thus puts me in offline mode. Once logged in the app, I need to input my password and the authentication code all over again just to go online and play the games.DoomKnight2 11m
2h Datenschutz I just cant download the Icon for Battle.net please help me when i try to download it this pops up Dies ist keine sichere Verbindung Unbefugte Dritte könnten versuchen, Ihre Informationen von www.battle.net zu stehlen, z. B. Passwörter, Nachrichten oder Kreditkartendaten. NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Details zu möglichen sicherheitsrelevanten Zwischenfällen sollen automatisch an Google gesendet werden. DatenschutzerklärungGrumpyMonk2 2h
5h Stream Problem? I'm Not Sure If it's A Problem on My Side Or On the Other, But i Don't see the Streaming Button, Anyone know how to Fix This? http://prntscr.com/cb60nd Also, my Client is Up To Date http://prntscr.com/cb60tdIron4 5h
5h streaming icon doesn't exist when i updated battlenet should be icon of streaming it doesn't exist i opened another account it is exist problem is in my account here is my account : http://i.imgur.com/2wW8NIM.png here is my friend account: http://i.imgur.com/COelE3Eh.png please help me supportEvil44Eye0 5h
12h B.Net app just wont load! Starting Battle.net then nothing! Ok this issue is very annoying. I was FINE till yesterday. I was playing Diablo 3 and all of a sudden that battle.net app crashes in turn closing diablo 3. Well now every time I try to go and play Diablo 3 nothing happens. The little screen that says "starting battle.net" will show up, stay on screen for a second or two, then disappear and nothing happens. No icon in systray, no agent process, nothing. Nothing has changed about my computer. And all other games works fine. But thanks to this load I am unable to enjoy my Blizz games. (D3 and Hearthstone). Really dislike this new app and how its required to play these games.... Also I checked and there is no log files. nada, zilch. C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\Logs is empty. oddly there are TWO folders: C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\Battle.net.4638 and C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\Battle.net.4656 then the normal few files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle.net\ Help! This issue has ruined my weekend for game time.TheUndying6 12h
12h Battle.net Friends list retrieving details and constant reconnects For the past 2 days my Battle.net keeps disconnecting me then reconnecting me back online. When I do get put back online however my friends list just says Retrieving details for the names of all my friends. I talked to blizzard support about this for 45 minutes and we haven't come to a conclusion on what the problem is.RageFame1 12h
14h Streaming always cuts out audio around 7m in For some reason, audio begins to "chop" a little around the 7 minute mark in my streams. After a while, it goes robotic and then completely mute. The video stream seems unaffected. I have a machine specifically built for streaming and have streamed Overwatch to Twitch via OBS many times without issue for hours. sample video url that shows what I'm talking about: https://www.facebook.com/SuperSaturn/videos/1850025445225489/Saturn0 14h
15h battle.net launcher client constantly flickering/flashing My battle.net launcher is constantly flickering/flashing as you can see in this screen capture I made: https://i.imgur.com/deWcNmX.mp4 Whilst it still works, it is highly distracting and irritating when the window is on screen or in the background. Can you please provide some potential solutions or troubleshooting? Specs/Reference: ■ i7-4790K ■ GTX 1080 (latest driver: 372.54) ■ Display settings: 3840x2160 | 60hzTheAdAgency3 15h
19h Change region I downloaded Battlenet last night and I chose Chinese when I install it since its easier for me to read Chinese. But later I found out the region option in battlenet is also locked with China only. And after couple times of uninstall and reinstall, I still cant change the serve region to US. Somebody plz tell me how to fix this.Woomm9 19h
1d Stream Video Isn't Complete while streaming my solo run of ulduar, roughly 40 minutes because im slow, i stopped the stream and went to go check how it was after posting to FB. it only posted the first 10 minutes of the run. not sure if this is intended, or if its on the FB side or the Blizzard side of things that is messing up. i couldnt get into the stream itself while i was actually streaming it for some reason either. everytime i would click the "view stream" button on the app interface window FB would tell me the page was unavailable. that could have been because i was only posting it to myself at the time just to make sure it was working right, but im not entirely sure.XaniFarious0 1d
1d Temporary Workaround for Battlenet Launch issue It seems that a lot of people are having trouble starting Battlenet after the weekend's Update. I have tried deleting the cache, which does allow it to start, but when you close battlenet and start it up again, same problem. (which is annoying) So, in the meanwhile here are two options until Blizzard releases a patch update. (Don't bother contacting support, they're so useless that they'll just end up frustrating you) Option 1. Delete the CACHE files, not the ones suggested by said useless support. But that means you'll have to relocate your games each time, which is an extra step. Here's an automated way to do that (Welcome to the world of BAT files) 1. Open Notepad and paste these commands in. The first one deletes the cache folder, the second launches battlenet. ... (Make sure they're on two seperate lines) Then save it on your desktop as TempBattlenetLauncher.bat, and make sure the save as is set to all files (just below where you type the name), not to text. Then you can just double click the bat file and it will delete the cache and launch battlenet automatically every time you want to play. Option 2. Unplug the internet. Really that simple. Pull the cable, start battlenet, plug the cable back in and Battlenet will reconnect as normal and you're good to go.TantrumTeddy0 1d
1d Potential privacy issue when streaming It appears that when Starcraft 2 is minimized when streaming is enabled mic input can be picked up from other programs and played on the stream (Skype etc). It might be a good idea to turn off audio capture when the game(s) lose focus?Raquet2 1d
1d battlenet client cannot login facebook for streaming i encounter this problem that im trying to log in my facebook account, it stuck and keeps looping at sign in page. kindly assist me. thank youbewd851 1d
1d words are running sideways its annoying I just downloaded and the words are horizontal then split vertical, like a corner but in the middle of the screen, I have restarted the application and it does the same thingleeroyjenkin2 1d
1d Wow keeps saying "locating..." I can't launch wow, it just says "locating..." where it normal says play and wow launches..TataGun22 1d
1d Game wont download Battle net wont download the update for SC II. Waiting 2 hours for 100 mb and still nothing.Riknaun0 1d
1d Webcam and Mic issues Not properly recognizing my webcam or microphone and a general about not enough setup options / test mode. Both my mic and webcam showed up as options but there was no way to tell if they where working before going live, then once i went live they were not working. I think a way to test these things before going live would be great.Laxdragon0 1d
1d Error BLZBNTBNA000003E8 (1101) EVERY time I load BNET Greetings, I recently updated bnet to the latest version (as it does automatically). However After this I noticed a problem every time bnet starts. This error shows up every single time bnet starts. Once I press "reload', the content loads again. However untill I do so, it says content not loaded. Please ensure this is fixed in the future bnet update. To clarify, NO CONTENT from any game loads. However once I click reload ALL content from all games gets updated and shown. The bnet client should automatically show all content from all games when I start it up, and I shouldnt have to click reload for the content to show up. Please let me know if I can assist further. Thank you, and have a nice dayRedfeenix1 1d
1d reinstall fail fresh install attempt (all antivirus scans done ) fresh link from download page, -and----- setup launcher cant find its own server with both hands....L3roy0 1d
1d Streaming doesn't work WoW All of my settings are default, my Facebook is properly linked and running. I push the "Start Stream" button and everything seems to go fine. But I'm not getting the in-game overlay indicator, and when I try to "View Stream on Facebook" it takes me to a page saying "Sorry, this page isn't available - The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed." And it has a thumbs up with a bandage around the thumb.Eck5 1d
1d News Feed not displaying. When I start up the Battle.net desktop app I get the error. Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot.​ Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 I've followed the instructions that the code leads to but all I see are empty news feed in all games. http://imgur.com/a/qTWdNMisterManley3 1d
1d Battle.net client not working after Windows Updates KB3176936 and KB3176934 Before the update everything worked fine, but now all I get when I launch the app is a Windows 7-style frame with nothing inside (screenshot here: http://imgur.com/a/eeSuE). I know for sure it's been caused by the update because when I restored my PC to a point before the update, everything worked again. Now it's installed itself again and I'm wondering if there's a solution for this problem. I've already tried uninstalling and installing the client again.seklerek4 1d
1d Page not found (facebook streaming) i tried to stream some overwatch over on my Facebook but it aint working, every time i click view my stream it says page not found. i tried everything but still aint workingnachobutt540 1d
1d No streaming video showing. Whenever I try to streaming, I get nothing showing on my facebook page. After clicking the "View on Facebook". It takes me to a dead page showing "Page doesn't exist". And even after waiting for around 5 mins, after refreshing it. Still nothing being shown. I tried this a few more times and still nothing is appearing and only end up back at that "non-existing" page. The stream even shows that it's broadcasting. So not sure what's going here. I tried it while playing 2 games. (WoW, Heroes of the Storm)Dremag0 1d
1d Voice cutting out when I live stream When trying to live stream to Facebook, I have having issues related to my microphone. My game sounds are working perfectly, but when I talk it pixalates and then cuts out for the rest of the live stream. This is the only place there is an issue. I can still talk on Discord and other voice chats, but I cannot communicate to the people watching me play. I had hoped to find answers, but I haven't found anyone with the issue. Using TurtleBeach P-22 headset. EDIT: I cannot do anything in WoW either. Not the Voice chat either. I even have my microphone set as the default device.Kimmers4Ever0 1d
1d Streaming beta to facebook (overwatch) issues It all seems good when I set everything up. If I start the game then press start streaming it also seems good, when in reality no streaming happens. If I press to go to view the live stream on facebook itself, a "page unavailable" thing appears. If I start streaming then specifically pause it, and then try to check it on facebook, the live stream appears existent by that point, but only audio is passing through and the screen is black with the words "stream paused" or something, all of this while set to pause. Unpausing it changes nothing after that point. Ultimately I can't get it to completely work as it should.ReDesign0 1d
1d Battle.net/Overwatch Dotted UI This glitch happen everytime I play Overwatch. Sometimes it troubles me in the game because it make the sight desapear and when I exit the game, Battle.net is glitched too. I don't know what to do anymore, I search for fixing this everywhere and no one knows how to fix it. Screenshot of the Glitch: http://i.imgur.com/3a8rua1.png http://i.imgur.com/w73tbXQ.jpgMrBruni0 1d
2d Battlenet app crashes display driver, have to reboot for 3 or 4 days now, (since the last update?), whenever I open the desktop app, a message pops up saying my display driver has stopped working and then it crashes, causing me to have to reboot. I can get as far as entering my login details, but it mustn't get past that as it forgets them after having checked to remember. I have tried disabling Avast, as well as a complete uninstall and re install of graphics drivers. Not sure if relevant, but there was a flash update the same day this started happening...MishZor301 2d
2d Battle.net launcher crashes if Streaming option unchecked Hi, Whenever I disable the option to stream, the Battle.net launcher will fail to run and gives an error message. The error message's letters and numbers change on each crash, but here is the last one I recieved: 0CC00EC4-AEA5-401F-88CC-C9A281263C8B. I can stop the launcher from crashing if I delete this folder, C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment; launch the Battle.net app and navigate to "Settings" and check the box to Enable Streaming". I've done this about 6-8 times in the last 24 hours to ensure that I can replicate the issue and it happens everytime I disable the "Streaming" option; but can be resolved by re-enabling the "Streaming" option for the Battle.net app. Both the Battle.net launcher, NVIDIA drivers, and Windows 10 are up to date as of 8-26-2016. Have a great day, IggyIggy0 2d
2d BNET App Freezing Just as title says. Has been happening for the last month or so, doesn't seem to be anything in particular that causes it.Dave0 2d
2d dl-progess bar of the bnet client is already beyond "optimal" - still can't start the game I started the download of the whole game HotS some days ago. Today i continued. I can' start the game although the progress bar has already passed the "Optimal" mark. Pausing and re-initializing leads to a similar situation. The progress bar is just below the the mark, then passes it. The game remains unstartable. http://imgur.com/a/avN3x Best Regards. Las0rLas0rPhaz0r0 2d
2d My name was changed to bnetplayer My name was a HughJass I was logged off in the middle of an overwatch game and it changed to Bnetplayer why?Bnetplayer0 2d
2d Battle.net App System Tray Icon settings reset after updates It's a minor thing, but it seems that whenever the Battle.net app updates, my settings for the system tray icon (to show icon AND notifications) resets itself. It might be a Windows issue, but whenever any of my other applications update, I don't have that same issue with them.NerdyCanuck30 2d
2d 2nd Battle.net icon on tackbar when pinned I found some very old threads about the battle.net launcher creating a 2nd icon on the taskbar when pinned but I'm wanting to know if there's a current fix for it. I've tried pinning all the exes in the root folder but they all launch a 2nd icon when you actually run battle.net. It's bugging me to no end that the icon I have pinned seems to serve no purpose. No other app I have installed shows up as a 2nd icon when it's actually launched. I'm assuming this is still a bug as acknowledged before, but I'm looking for the status on it.Frosty0 2d
2d Error 132 There is an infinite number of 132 resolves most recently my windows 10 pc had a rather large update as of 8/5/2016. I've gone through just about every single trouble shooting video and forum page or tech support I could find and nothing has worked the difference I have seen for my error 132 it is as soon as i hit launch I cant even open the game its not crashing its not launching period so I cant change any of the in game settings like directx from 11 to 9 etc as said in some trouble shooting resolutions. I would love to speak with someone directly to help trouble shoot because I've seen enough linked error logs and sreenshots to know my error is the same except for the effect of it any help would be appreciated. I have cleared cache renamed all of the recommended fodlers unistalled wow reinstalled wow updated my nvidia grpahics driver updated all my pc updates ran fixes registry fix etc......clanofKAKA7 2d
2d Waiting for game to launch live streaming bug. Game gets detected then reverts back to waiting for a game to launch, got it to work 2 times on overwatch an HS but i cant seem to get it to work again, i was spamming ctrl+f1 and it kept streaming for a few mins, but its random, not sure what the problem would be but i also notice it reverts exactly when my blue play button becomes un grayed out and becomes clickable again, there must be a connection there, also like i said i dont think its something blocking my connection because i got it to work a few times, video was clean and looking nice on facebook.Luffy2 2d
3d Getting error trying to stream overwatch BLZBNTBNA000013EF is the error code. So far everything looks updated on my end. Works fine with wow and hearthstone.brix0 3d
3d Links from bnet app crashes my online security programs Like the title says; everytime I click on either the support or any links that needs to open a webpage I can see that on that webpage my avast security online crashes,my adblock plus crashes and same for my IBA Opt-out from google.But if I got google chrome already opened when I click thoses links it doesnt crashes anything and the link load normally.By the ways when it crashes the links never loads and I can't even type a new adress on that page it stays crashed.Its not a major bug since it can be fixed by having google chrome open when clicking but its still a bug wich wasn't happening before and nothing was change in my security or anything except I moved to windows 10 wich is probably the cause...Now just need a fix about it and thanks for your supportBlackspell0 3d
3d Battle.net App issue whats that guys ? How can I fix it ? Install/reinstall 100 times but always got the same error ... http://hizliresim.com/XdqXQD help me plsNanji0 3d
3d Battle.net update stuck at 0% My Battle.net app is constantly at 0% of downloading the new patch and until this patches nothing else can be patched or played. This is not the first time it happened. The last time I had to deinstall everything and then reinstall. Please fix it because it is no fun to do this process all over again.GreatBaldung3 3d
3d Launcher issue http://imgur.com/a/ZowLs Various icons are missing in my battle.net launcher When I launch Hearthstone the game lags (Which is unusual) Have tried uninstalling then reinstalling Have tried relogging Any help would be appreciated.Morganium2 3d
3d Battle.net Update With the new streaming enabled I tried playing Diablo 3 with no success, it will say game is running, but the game itself doesn't initialize. No logo showing the game is starting, and the game runs, but no where on screen, and no where on the start bar. Had to disable streaming in order for the game to open properly. Worked fine until the new streaming update for battle.net installed.EpicMouse0 3d
3d Disconnecting from WoW causing Battle net app to say my WoW files are damaged Every time I disconnect from World of Warcraft, my Battle.net app seems to think that my files are damaged and goes into the scanning files loop. I've tried many things to stop this is sometimes it works for a couple hours, then suddenly it does it again. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the bnet app, restarting my computer, reinstalling WoW, launching WoW from the wow.exe, and turning off addons. I try not to get too upset about things but it's starting to frustrate me when I can't play with my friends and my husband because of this.Raithrin5 3d
3d App converts plus sign (+) in email to html code (%2b) after selecting "Go Online" Hello My login email contains a plus sign; normally this causes no problems, but with the recent bug regarding offline mode on first login makes it impossible for me to log in to my account as bnet converts the + into %2b after selecting "Go Online". This wouldn't have been an issue had I been able to log in on first try or re-enter the email address after selecting "Go Online". Thanks, Zyt3xZyt3x1 3d
3d Can't launch Battle.net app, even after a fresh install. Title basically. I kept getting stuck at the launch screen (Starting Battle.net...). I don't know why it's doing it, and I've tried searching for solutions. It just randomly started doing it a few days ago. Help?Zentren0 3d
3d Updates won't take priority. S&R tool won't work? So about a year back, I've started running into the issue that when a game requires an update, the loading bar gray's out and say "Waiting on another installation or update...". This is guaranteed to happen for every update of every game. It even happens when there are no updates available for other games. I sometimes click the button that gives the download priority only to see that nothing happens whatsoever. I found out that I could use the Scan and Repair tool to usually fix the issue. However, the S&R tool now won't work at all. It will start to scan, and within the very next second, the scan is cut off and I'm stuck seeing the same grayed bar with white text. "Waiting on another installation or update." It's very frustrating, and I would like to know if anyone else is having EITHER of these issues. Thank you!Lexxtor0 3d
3d Security Question Since I need to go to my account settings to input my overwatch code, I am force to create a security question. Whenever I try and create the question it tells me "Whoops! Looks like somethings went wrong. Please give us a few minutes and try your request later." I first tried 7 hours ago and it is still not working. I just want to play the game that I spent my money on.matt92492412 3d
3d Client visuals are broken. I can't see most of the visuals, and have to guess where the buttons and games are to choose them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled about 3-4 times, nothing changes. I log in, and I see this: https://i.gyazo.com/e2db65e995c3db82a4be06c26657fd48.jpg I recently got a new SSD and made it my boot drive, by reinstalling windows on it (8), so I assume this is the problem, because it didn't happen before. Also it was taking up an absurd amount of processing power (when I launch it) where it goes up to 60%, but perhaps this is a different issue. https://i.gyazo.com/9d5a46e4a3eeb1e8b9d11c3911f40f58.png Specs: AMD FX-8350 AMD R7 370 8 gigabytes Ram @ 1333MHz ADATA SP550 (120 gb SSD) ST1000DM003-1CH162 (1tb HDD)Sooley4 3d