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Nov 20, 2013
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Nov 1, 2013
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Overwatch: Origins Edition scammed me I purchased Origins Edition on PS4 (no pre-order) today, and linked my accounts (which I was very upset to find out, from Blizzard support, only gave me access to, "digital goodies"). So while contemplating whether or not to give Blizzard more of my money for a PC copy, because I have PC friends too, I decided to check out said, "digital goodies," only to find out that I have no card back in HS, no portraits in SC2, no baby Winston in WoW, and no Tracer in Heroes of the Storm. Quite frankly I'm surprised that I got the origins skins at this point. The fact that the licenses are non-transferable i can get over, I intended to buy two copies in the first place but was very excited when I saw that link accounts button only to be let down, however I want my swag that I paid extra for. I had to pay an extra $20 to get the game for PS4 and the only benefit I got from it was 5 character skins in game that I honestly didn't want or need. This game being multiplayer only, with what adds up to about 3 game modes, makes the $60 price tag hard to justify; especially when all the goodies that are thrown in to sweeten the deal don't show up on my account. Not to mention the micro-transactions, which have no place in a buy2play game. As a long time Blizzard fanboy I'm really disappointed because, while I love this game, it just seems like a cash grab at this point. The questions I have are: If I buy Overwatch (the base game for $40) on PC will my origins skins and unlocks from PS4 transfer over because of my linked accounts. Why do I have none of the other Origins benefits. And why is there even an option to link accounts when there could've just as easily, if not easier and less misleading, been a code/s included with the purchase that would give me access to my swag. warfetus10
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Battlenet Gift Cards Is Not A Smart Purchase + False Advertisement Good Day, I usually use my Credit Card to make purchases on Battlenet, but with the rise of Digital breaches and the such, I got in my car, drove to Wal-Mart and Brought a $20.00 Battlenet Gift Card. On the card itself it reads after entering the code on the card " Your Balance is now charged and ready to spend on your Blizzard Games of Choice." I scratch off the silver from the card, log into my Blizzard Account, enter the code, it tells me $20.00... I go into Hearthstone and click shop, but it tells me I do not have a valid payment method assigned to my account (I did remove the credit card info). In my confusion, I enter my account and further read, that YES the shop will try to use Battlenet money before your credit card, but then I notice that by my balance of $20.00 it reads that Balance is Under Review! WTF!!!! After hovering over the icon by this statement it reads it can take up to 3 days for them to verify my balance. MY PROBLEM: When I use my credit card, the money is taken from my credit accord immediately and I get my purchase at the same time. But when I use their form of Digital Currency, I used cash to purchase the card, yet I can't get a product for my money for 3 days? How does this make sense? Obviously Blizzard rather you use a credit card, which I can imagine is a better deal for them, but then why even ship and sale the Gift Cards? Why not put as bold as the lie you can spend your funds right away, why not put the truth - you will have to wait 3 days before you can use the balance! I never would have purchased the card!!! I would have used a Visa Gift Card instead! It does how ever mention on the card ( use of Battlenet balance is subject to the Terms of Use. But no where are those terms located on the card. So I warn ALL - If you need your balance in less than 3 days, do not buy the Battlenet Prepaid Cards! Imagine you buy a Restaurant gift card, take your wife out to eat, go to pay for the meal, and are told, Sorry sir, it takes 3 days for the balance on this card to become usable. What if you did not have any other form of payment on you, can you imagine being in jail because the terms of using the gift card were not clearly stated! DiabloMaster55
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Why Is Console Overwatch More Expensive? I'm just trying to understand why this is even a thing. I get that sometimes a game is marked higher in different regions. That is just how greed manifests itself; under the excuse of unwillingness to bother with conversion rates, so instead they just charge whatever they want, generally it's the same number with a different currency slapped on, unless it happens to net them less profit. But this is different. This is a game, the exact same game, being sold for more on a console. I just don't get how or why. Some people blamed licensing issues, but I just don't buy it. I literally don't buy it. It's the one Blizzard Game I had a chance to support them again in return for years of excellent game design on WoW, since subscriptions are archaic these days... but I can't even make the purchase because it's just completely irrational to pay more for the same. I doubt anyone will care to read this, and those who do will have nothing but resentment for my opinion, but this game just doesn't have the features to earn that $60 retail mark and I have already seen people on the Overwatch support page complaining that there isn't enough content to warrant the hype or the investment. And I didn't even go digging, the top of the page had a thread about the lack of content. How could anyone invest in a game where people are complaining about content one month in, especially at a $60 retail mark? Please at least consider a sale for consoles in the future or something. And by the way, the only reason I'm posting this here is because evidently a 'trial' account isn't allowed to leave feedback. I guess nobody wants to hear that people think their product needs marked down. Can't say I blame them. :c DovahBear1
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